Look, I’m really trying to get some observations up from the Games. But writing is hard, and it’s nearly impossible to find enough adjectives for the amount of hyperbole I am gonna use to talk about Rich. So for now you get a half…

Half an Observation Five Observations From the 2014 CrossFit Games:

.5) Rich Froning’s stealing of Mat Fraser’s chalk, and subsequent crushing of it in his hands, was the single coolest and metaphoric thing ever done by a competitive exerciser.

Lemme set the stage for those of you who didn’t witness this soul stealing event… Rich and Mat go out hard on the first few rope climbs of the sophomorically named “Thick & Quick” event. Mat falls a little off pace with Rich when he stops to grab a piece of chalk. The chalk was sitting on the front corner of his crash pad, and he’d carefully broken it and placed it there so he could grab it on the way to the barbell. Rich finishes the final rope climb with Mat about half way up. He jumps off the pad, looks back at Mat, grabs the chalk Mat had staged, and crushes it in his hands – unceremoniously destroying the hopes and dreams his closest competitor.

I don’t know, call me crazy or an asshole, but that’s just fun. I’m not sure if Rich knew he was creating a heat-of-the-moment metaphor, if Jesus told him to pick up that chalk, or if he forgot which pad was his and grabbed the nearest white powdery substance. But I do know, in my opinion, this was the first year the Games looked like a full on professional sporting event, and that’s what professional sports have – characters and drama.


WOD 140730:


1) Power Snatch: 2RM (drop first rep) – 2X1@95%, 2X1@90%

Note: This is not a “jumping jack” Power Snatch. The goal is not to pull as hard as possible and hope that your MCL doesn’t snap when you catch. The goal is to receive the bar as high as possible, but with THE EXACT SAME MECHANICS as if you were catching in a full squat. Your first missed Power Snatch of this session should be because you accidentally caught in a full squat.

2) Snatch Balance: 4X3@100-120% of max double from #1


1a) 4XME Pause Back Squats @ 80% (STRICT 3 second pause in the bottom at absolute bottom depth – NO PAUSE FOR BREATH at the top) – rest 90 seconds

1b) 4X1:00 (total) Freestanding Handstand Hold – accumulate 1:00 total hold even if broken, rest 90 seconds


12 minute AMRAP of:

10 TTB
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
30 Lateral Jumps over 12″ hurdle (each jump counts one rep)

Note: Go hard at the beginning of the piece, then when pace tapers off complete each round UB and as fast as possible. Do not rest during rounds.

22 thoughts on “140730

  1. M/30/175

    1a) 2, 3, 2, DND – time
    1b) 30s, 16s, DND, DND – time

    I may never get 4s of HS hold in my life. I need a coach for this (a coach here).

    • J – You happen to follow or incorporate the Connectivity program? I typically try to do it on Thursdays/Sundays as an “active” recovery…it’s helped me a lot.

      • I used to. There’s not enough time.

        1) 175, 180(1, +5 pr), no drops
        2) 175x3x3

        5+2 t2b

  2. Power snatch: 205lb. Drop sets at 185
    Snatch balance: 205, 215, 225,225

    Squats: 300lb x 3,3,2 – ouch
    Hs holds: done. Ugly. I’m much better as handstand walking than just sitting still

    Cond: 5 rounds exactly

  3. BBG
    1) 3, 3, 2, 2 at 225
    2) Just did nose and toes for a minute
    5+14 all unbroken until the last round. Hands are ripped to hell and had to break the TTB

  4. 5’9″/143/39 yrs. old

    BBG: Power Snatches- become pulls and muscling at 83#
    Snatch Balance: Whopping #35! 🙂
    This can’t be a strength issue. But maybe a “brain pattern” one. Today, I focused on getting down as low as I could, then if I could go 1″ lower, I did and held it there for a few seconds to get more comfortable.

    Pause Squats: #123- 7,5,7,8
    FS HS Holds: had someone stand there along side me, put my hips were they should be, then let go ever solightly with their hands. If I began to fall out of alignment.. They placed me back.
    It was tough for the whole minute. I broke out into a sweat each time.

    Conditioning: 3rounds plus TTB
    Wall balls were the most challenging.

  5. BBG
    1) 185 Drops done
    2) 185×2 205×2 after last rep right into max reps OHS and hit 5 reps. OHS humbled me through regional training and at regionals. Felt good to hit these.
    7+5 TTB. UB throughout.

  6. BBG
    1) 95 – 100 squat (1rep) – 97, 5 squat
    drops @ 90 -95 kg
    2) super uncomfortable, had to work my way up to four heavy sets
    BS 4-4-4-3 (dropped rep 4) @ 137, 5 kg no belt
    HS hod done 2-3 attempts

    6+10 rx’d
    All UB

  7. BBG: 1) 165
    2) 170
    Strength: 1a) 5,4,5,5
    1b) done
    Conditioning: 10 mins, 4rnds

  8. Snatches ask upped
    Squats – a few pauses at 295. This is the heaviest I’ve been able to go in months so I’ll take it
    Hs hold- didn’t really count but I know I am getting much better at this

  9. M/5’8″/162/32

    1. 185#
    2. I can’t figure out Snatch Balances. Only got 185 for 1 a couple times. Dropped to 165# and got 3.

    3a. 300# 3-1-2-1
    B. done

    4. 5rds + 8

  10. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    PSn: 180#; +15# from my 1RM; drop sets done
    Sn Bal: 180#; still working on dropping quickly straight to the bottom

    BS: 3/3/3/3; 285# off of 355#; saw stars every third rep
    HS Hold: Did this with a partner keeping me balanced, full minute each time

    Conditioning: 5+11; a terribly boring and annoying WoD that sneaks up and bites ya in the @ss

  11. BBG:
    1.) 185, 200, 215xfullxfull
    190, 180
    2.) 210, 210, 220x1f, 220

    1a.) 270x1f (80%), 265×1, 255×1, 235×3 (70%) 🙁
    1b.) completed

    6+10 TTB

  12. BBG
    1:) 195#, drops done
    2:) 195, 205, 215, 225# (2 reps)

    1a:) 3,3,2,1 @ 275#
    1b:) done

    just wooped at this point, 5 rds

  13. M/28/5’11/NorCal

    1) 198 Hit drop sets
    2) worked up to 235

    Based off 375
    1a) 1@80%-1@80%-3@75%-3@75%
    *Was only hitting singles therefore I dropped to 75%
    1b) Done

    6+2 WBs

  14. bbg
    1.) 90 kg, drops done at 85 and 80
    2.) 90 kg, 95, 100, 105
    1.) 315# roughly 75%. 3,2,2,2. ( 3 seconds in the hole and about 7 seconds going up)
    b.) done, handstand walking is cake for me now, however standing in one place is another story
    6 rounds Rx. need to work on my mental game, broke 3 times on wall balls at reps 15, 17 and 17… weak

  15. M/28/#155/NorCal
    1. 185 (hit 190 for a single which is a 5lbs PR!)
    2. one set done at 185. All other sets done at 165.

    1. #245- 3-2-2-1
    2. Done

    5Rds +10 Lat. Jumps

  16. BBG:
    165. Not pretty at all. Need to work on form. Drops done.
    No snatch balance. Shoulder problems.
    1RM back squat 315 (-15 from jan)
    4x 1 min holds on wall. Tried free standing, no go. Will wok on it.

  17. Conn: done
    1) 205, (missed 215), drops 195,185
    2) 205 across
    1a) Off 475, 2@380-dropped to 365-3,4,2
    1b) done
    Conditioning: 12 minute AMRAP of- 7rds, tried to get to t2b no time. Rds UB
    10 TTB
    20 Wall Balls 20#
    30 Lateral Jumps over 12″ hurdle (each jump counts one rep)

  18. From Wednesday
    BBG 1) 140#
    BBG 2) 140# (F150#, 2 reps)
    Str 1a) 3@255#, 2@285#
    Cond – 3 rounds + 2 TTB

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