WOD 140728:


3 Position Snatch (Floor, Hang, Power Position – do not drop bar): Max for the complex – 1X1@95%, 1X1@90%


1a) 4XME Strict HSPU – if more than 15 on first set add a deficit, rest 90 seconds

1b) 4XME Pause Front Squats @ 70% (STRICT 3 second pause in the bottom at absolute bottom depth) – rest 90 seconds


4 rounds of:

Run 800m
15 C2B Pull-ups

Rest 1:1

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  1. This IS the new cycle!

    1a) 18 (+1PR), 7, 8, 6 – added 2.5″ deficit on sets 2-4.
    1b) 5, 6, 5, 6

    Stoked to be back. Hit a 205# (+10) snatch Saturday. I’ve missed this weight a million times. Felt strong enough since winter. Finally patient enough to get to the hip and go. Still jumped forward about 3-4 inches. Better than what it was though. When it gets heavy, staying mid-foot throughout the first two pulls is the most difficult for me.

    • BTW excited to snatch on Monday’s again. IDK why. It doesn’t matter, but excited nonetheless.

      • BBG
        165, no drops, +20 from the last time I did this.

        4:28, 4:29, 4:33, 4:36. Couldn’t butterfly shit.

  2. BBG
    1. 155# – Drop sets done
    1a. 4, 4, 4, 4 reps – Elevated (still a long way from a strict HSPU)
    1b. Off of 315# – 5, 5, 5, 5 reps at 220.5#

  3. 3 Pos Snatch : 195lb. Hit full and hang at 205 but missed the power position. Drop sets done

    HSPU’s : 13, 8, 9, 8
    Squats: off 310 max – 7,6,6. Had more problems keeping the bar up in the rack than with my legs getting out of the hole.

    Cond: Only had time for 3 rounds. 4:32 (1000m run on accident), 3:48, 3:47. Pullups felt good

  4. BBG
    1a) 12-10-10-10
    1b) 6-7-6-6 @225
    3:27-3:25-3:25-3:33 TWT- 13:50
    Runs were 3:05-3:03-3:03-3:11 C2Bs UB.

  5. BBG
    Took me a minute to find but this video is super helpful.

    TWT 19:53 – did 2:00 min rest due to time restraint

  6. 5’9″/143/39 yrs old
    Connectivy warm up:
    I can do the 1:30 wall h/s hold, so practiced freestanding head stand hold instead

    3 Position- 78# plus drops
    Still power snatches and not pulling under the bar
    ?: when we do these should I do some sort of accessory training to practice pulling under in addition to what’s programmed?

    HSPU Strict: 1 ab mat finished with full range on a 30″ box
    6/5, 5/5, 4/4, 2/1
    ?: What do you think a better way of getting 1 strict HSPU? I’m not sure if what I did is a good option. Thx
    Front Squats with Pause:
    #103- 6,7,6,6
    Folding over by the end. Legs, too, could have done more

    Around ~5 minutes for runs
    15 CTB with red band
    UB, UB, 7/8, 7/8
    Runs were really challenging
    I really liked this whole programming today.

    • Charlie Girl –
      For your snatch question – This is going to sound mean, but quit doing power snatches then. You are missing out on practicing getting under the bar by choosing not doing them. If that means that you don’t go as heavy, then that’s what you have to do. It will seem like one or two steps back, but if you want to progress further than you are now, you need to prioritize the full movement. Also, during your warm-up, work on snatch balances.

      SHSPUs – Are you able to do Kipping HSPUs? If so, can you do Kipping Deficit HSPUs? As Drake would say, you have to start from the bottom and slowly work yourself up.

      • Alright. I don’t mind starting over. My hips don’t fully extend when I try to drop at lower weights. So, I’ll start doing the balances, too, before every session.
        Yes, I can actually kip! And with some defeceit. I didn’t know DKHSPU transferred to strict, so Thanks! I sooo appreciate you taking your time to answer! Hopefully, these two things will help me get 2 steps closer to learning all of the “basic” crossfit movements.

      • Hey Charlie,

        I am assuming when you say your hips don’t extend, you mean you’re not reaching full extension at the end of the second pull? Watch videos, drill it in, and focus on reaching triple extension…it should start to come naturally the more you do it.

        Since you can kip, it’s obviously the shoulder strength that is the limiting factor. I, personally, would recommend going from HSPUs, to Deficit HSPUs, then to SHSPUs. Yes, kipping does help the shoulders out, but as you increase the deficit, you will be incorporating more of the shoulders. Work up to 4″ deficits, continue to develop strength through the OH movements we will be doing, and eventually, the strict will come. There are also little tricks to doing SHSPUs for those who don’t have them. I know Rudy came out with it around Regionals for those athletes specifically, so idk if he will post it for the world to see…

        • You can always count on Cheek for solid advice. Everyone’s got their own issues with certain movements. The warmup is a great time to address those. If you find yourself having TOO MANY issues -OR- warming up for 2 hrs, with the Outlaw programming, I’d suggest modifing it to work on those so you can join in the full movements.

          ie – troubles with extension in the snatch (we snatch 3x/week) just do drills to improve that when you see the snatch programed. Trouble with HSPU’s, drill them when you see HSPU’s programmed. Think about standard scaling at a box. We have HS walks programmed frequently, I suck at em and usually end up posting terrible times due to this but others will scale a walk with shoulder taps, etc. A google search of “crossfit sub for ____” will give you tons of options. Switch it up often til you get the full movement.

          • Yes, working on things can be overwhelming. I’ve been known to loose sleep over them. I’m willing to put in work though. I just want to make sure the work I’m putting in is effective and of best use of my time. I’ve read all above comments and I will keep you posted on progress if you wish! This is why I love this sport… It’s always something you gotta work on… And it’s so motivating to keep going hard at it… Stay healthy!
            I hope Rudy decides that he wants to share all of his knowledge with SHSPU’s! There’s plenty of us on the bottom that like his hand in helping us up. He’s the best around!

  7. M/28/5’11/171/NorCal

    205 – hit the back off sets

    1a) 19 – 13(1.5″) – 10(1.5″) – 7(4″)
    1b) (218) 6-5-5-5
    *every last rep I was seeing stars at the bottom and on the way up. Do any of you guys breathe at the bottom or do you hold your breath like me??

    TWT 13:56rx

  8. Drove 2.5 hours before dropping in at CrossFit Merrimack. Super short on time/super tight and low energy.

    1.) 175#, no drop sets

    1a.) 12/8/8/8
    1b.) 225#, 5/4/3/3, could’ve gotten more. No legs


    No time

  9. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    3-Pos Sn: 180#; +5# from Feb; drop sets done

    SHSPUs: 19(had to beat Junkin) then 1.5″ for 8/8/8
    FS: 5/5/5/5 – Went off a modified #. Last time we tested the 1RM, I was at 275#. I just hit 285# for 3RM on Saturday. I went at 205#.

    Kubo – I don’t breathe at the bottom. I try to stay tight and not shart. Not kidding.

    3:40/3:40/3:55/3:53 – TWT 15:08
    C2B UB

  10. BBG
    1.) 92 kg drops done. missed one at 87 kg from the power
    1.) 8,8,4,3 my triceps are still incredibly sore from bar muscle ups, and 75 light push presses
    1b.) 6, 5, 4, 4 255#
    32:02 total time rx
    4:39, 4:36, 4:41, 4:51 getting better at c2b split each 15 in three sets.

  11. BBG
    1.) up to 155#

    1a.) 10 / 13 @ 1″ deficit; 8 @ 2.5″; 7 @ 4″ – Should have added more deficit
    1b.) Finishing up a different squat cycle

    Runs felt good, C2B sucked – time was embarrassing

  12. M/F/S
    9/6/9 – triceps completely destroyed aftor those light Push Presses on Friday

    90 kg drops @85-80 kg

    1a) 20 – 9 – 9 – 7
    added a 15 kg Bumper (~7 cm)
    1b) 4-4-5-4 @ 105 kg
    failed to keep my ellbows high. legs felt strong

    TWT 15:11
    UB Buttefly C2B felt easy

  13. BBG:
    1.) 170, 190x2f, 205 (-10), 220x1f
    195, 185

    1a.)13*PR, 8, 9
    1b.) 225x3x2fx3x3

    14:27 TWT

  14. Conn: Done
    205, drops done

    1a) 12/8/8/5
    1b) 275: 4/4/5/5
    Conditioning: 4 rounds of- Rds: 3:16/3:28/3:30/3:33
    Run 800m
    15 C2B Pull-ups
    Rest 1:1

  15. 165# +Drop Sets
    a. 10,10,11,11 @ 4″ deficit
    b. 220#, 2×4
    c. 3 rounds, 4:40, 4:40, 5:00

    Rough week of training prior to this week, just happy to hit a full session and ready to get back into the swing of things.

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