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      • Going to base percentages off a 1rm I know I could hit any day. May not be exactly 90% like wendler, but not a true max.

        • I ended up using my true max, and didn’t have an issue hitting the reps. I struggled with getting the appropriate reps for the ME sets following Wendler, so hopefully I will do better with this cycle.

          195 – no misses

          4:22, 4:26, 4:53, 5:04

          My last two runs were a little longer because a construction crew blocked off part of the parking lot.

          • I believe this cycle gets up to 6×6@80% and a few weeks down the road 2×2@100%.

  1. Power:
    1) 265×5, 270×1


    1) weighted pull-up 4×8-10

    2a) db hammer curls 3×12
    2b) ez bar curl 3×12

    4x500m @85%
    Rest 2min

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