5 thoughts on “140725

  1. Warmed up with Power Clean + Push Jerks up to 185#

    1.) Triples up to 65%, 265#

    14:44, DU’s UB. So much lactic acid.

  2. Power:
    1) sets of 5 up to 235#. This felt super light as well…abnormally light
    Conditioning: 13:44 rx
    Broke it up early b/c of the elbow/forearm situation

  3. Power

    26:38 RX

    Maybe Rudy or John will see this and answer it. What is the philosophy here in regards to scaling? It is rare that I have the raw strength to do the male weights, so I usually scale to the female weights. There are cases like today where I can do the male weight, but obviously my time will suffer. Is it the opinion of the people on this site that it is better to scale down to keep the time range for the workout closer to the expected time, or try to stay closer to RX to work on that strength component even if it will mean increased rests and longer conditioning times?

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