Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20

Static Shaping
2×1:00 Hollow Hold on Hands

Active Shaping
3×30′ Arch Hollow Roll + V-Up Across Floor DEMO

Supplemental Work
This isn’t part of the program and is completely optional. With that being said, any opportunity you have to master body weight movements will help improve existing Crossfit movements.

Ring Forward Rolls
Prerequisite Strength- 1 Strict Muscle Up

Ring Forward Rolls Part 1
1. Forward Roll Over the Bar x5
The first step in mastering forward rolls on the rings is to get comfortable rolling forward and build confidence in getting your hips over your head. Start in front support on a bar (either pull-over or muscle-up to get into position) pike at your hips, shift your hands around the bar and roll forward over the bar to a hang position.

2. Forward Roll Over the Bar to Chin-Up Hold x5
Same as above, but work on keeping the bar close and your arms bent throughout the entirety of the skill. Finish in the same position you would at the top of a strict pull-up and pause before coming down.