Today we will conclude our Test Week for the past twelve week cycle. We will be utilizing next week as a Deload and we will initiate a 6 week Squat and Bench Press emphasis the week after.


Establish a 1rm Strict Press.



Compare to 131221.

21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65#

For time.

Do Work…

6 thoughts on “7-19-14

  1. Power
    1.) 180#, +15# PR. Really wanted BW at 185#, but couldn’t move it

    Different. Long and terrible

  2. Power:
    1) 155 (Automatic PR. Never maxed)
    -felt unbelievably weak and hungover this morning.

    Accessory work. My exercise ADD is at an all time high with these deloads and testing weeks. Trying not to be dumb.

  3. Power
    130 – same

    8:24 first RX fran.

    last time was 4:31 with 95# thrusters 12-9-6

  4. 165 another 20# PR so pretty pleased.

    Knee is fucked and resting it so no Fran. I’m not that upset.

  5. Power
    1) 150# (-15 lifetime PR) Probably was too ambitious to use 165 as my max for the programming.
    Conditioning: 2:45 RX
    3 seconds slower than PR. Unbroken on everything, just need to come back to the thrusters faster. On the bright side, 95 felt extremely light compared to last time and I was surprisingly not gased afterwards.

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