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  1. Power

    1.) 425#, +40# from last test. +20# lifetime PR


    20 minute AMRAP @<=165 BPM

    .5 mile Assault Bike
    50 DU's

    6 rounds + .3 miles

  2. M/36/153/5’9″

    1) 410 +30 from last test -40 from lifetime ,still a great gain

  3. 1) 430
    only +5# but quality of form was light years ahead of the shitting-dog, hunchback 425 I pulled in the spring. 445 wouldn’t budge. Worth a shot.

  4. Power
    1) 320(pr)
    +5# but form improvement was on par with the above post, tried 325 but it wouldn’t budge.

  5. I have gone astray as usual and tested very heavy single in the deload week before. Before this program my max was a painful 135kg and during the open 125kg were killing me and felt heavy.
    After this cycle I pulled 180kg with top form and had 5-10kg in tank. This has been the biggest gains out of all lifts over the full outlaw power 12 week cycle. Bench gain really good solid 10kg gain, shoulder press good 7.5-10kg gain, squat the only one which was less shattering but my form has improved a lot and feel loads more comfy with heavier weights. PR the front squat as well by 10kg (110kg from 100kg), just the back squat will need bit more work. Not that I havent PRed on 120kg single with 130kg probably there, from 115 before. Very happy with program.

    Moving now to more WL focused time in my life so moving to outlaw barbell/hybrid with something my local coach concocted for me. It has been very fun 12 weeks indeed guys!

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