Test week is upon us Ladies and Genltlemen. Rule #3 is in full effect. Keep your coffee strong and your music loud this week. Email us your PR vids.


1)Establish a 1rm Squat (yes Squat, not DL). Do NOT miss.


3 rounds of:

2:00 ME Handstand Walk
2:00 Max Distance OH Walking Lunges 135/95#
2:00 ME Row for Calories
1:00 Rest

Do Work…

7 thoughts on “140714

  1. 1) 355 for a 20# PR. Juuuuuuuuuuuusssst missed 365. I mean barely.

    Cond ran out of time but got some HS walks and OH lunges in 4xME each.

  2. Power
    1.) 405#, Match. Missed 425#


    HS Walk: ~210′
    OHL: ~160′
    Cal: 116

  3. M/36/153/5’9″

    1) 310 +10 from start of Outlaw Power, -10 all time PR . Felt good though

    No conditioning, still resting shoulder
    Did walking front rack lunges 3×10 and double Unders 3×20
    And some hill sprints on treadmill set at 15 degrees with the motor off
    6x30sec on 30 sec rest

  4. m/29/6’/162

    1) 245 +5, I missed at 255 prior though. Disappointed at only 5# gain.

    (distances done in 15′ intervals)
    85, 60, 60
    78, 60, 60
    22, 25, 20 (burpees for last round, someone got on the working rower)

  5. Power:
    1) 345(-5), 375(f)
    375 was close, and a fight, but a tad too ambitious.

    ME push-up: 25-45
    OHL: 15-20 steps
    Cals: 110ish

  6. I had to do WL class cause no other way to get to platforms/racks. Built to heavy single on Sat though, 120 easy 125kg barely missed, at the start of the program 110 felt awful, 115kg was a max if I had a good day. I deffo have 125kg and maybe 130kg better rested so I see really good gains from the 12 week cycle.

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