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  1. Hi Kaitlin!
    First off, I’ve been following the programming consistently since May and it’s awesome. Before I couldn’t do a HS or HS walks, but now my PR 32 feet!

    -My question is regarding wrist flexibility/mobility. Can you feature some exercises to improve flexibility and minimize pain or tips on wrist joint care?
    -Do you advise using the Rogue Natural Grips or Gymnastics Grips?

    Thanks for the great programming!

    • Hey Eric, 20+ years of gymnastics left me with some bad tendonitis in my wrists. I use Tiger Paw wrist supports http://www.tigerpawwristsupports.com/?gclid=CL3t3eyOxr8CFWMQ7AoduQYATg for all of my gymnastics work in the gym, and sometimes even leave them on for OH squats, OH walking lunges, etc. To my knowledge nobody has tried using them in Crossfit competition before so I’m not sure if they’re legal or not (at least until Reebok starts making them…) but it’s nice to save your body for practice and they don’t really make much of a difference when they come off to compete.

      I don’t use any grips at all when I’m doing bar or ring work. Real gymnastics grips have a dowel in them and wrap around your fingertips and wrists and aren’t allowed in Crossfit because they provide too much of an advantage. I’ve never tried the Rogue Natural Grips but anything less than a dowel feels pointless to me. If I have to cover a rip or blister I make a tape grip for myself (email me if you need instructions, I make bomb tape grips) and sleep with Prep H on my hands to heal any rips or cracks super fast.

      I’ll do a write up about wrist mobility and strength on Thursday. Thanks for the idea!

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