With nationals only a few days away and our third phase of this cycle winding down, it’s time to take a look at where we are in the program and where we are heading. We waited to release the new Outlaw Barbell program until we were sure we could give our followers a true and tested program; and, from the posts, emails, and texts we’ve received, we know we did just that. Unfortunately, the timing of the release did not jive with a taper down to the big dance. So in an effort to better serve our followers, we made the decision that our next cycle will taper down to the American Open. Even if you are not competing in the AO, this will allow you to still go through the taper we use and gain that experience and insight, and allow us to provide a complete weightlifting template.

Next week we will be de-loading from this third phase, and then we will begin our new cycle.


1) Clean & Jerk: 2rm – 1×1@95%, 1×1@90%

2) Jerk from blocks: 5 singles @ 100% of 2rm C&J + 5-10#


1) Jerk Grip OHS: 2rm – 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%


1) BTN Push Press Clean Grip: 2rm – 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%

2) Good Mornings: 5rm – 1×5@95%, 1×5@90%

5 thoughts on “140714

  1. There was a WL class in my place, and I had to take part to get to platforms so just did what they were doing, which was similar enough to today’s program.

    1) Hang clean + Jerk 2+2

    Clean pull 3×5

    Back squat

    5×50, 5×80, 5x90kg
    3×100, 3×105, 3x110kg

  2. WL:
    1) 270 — 255 (ox), 245
    2) 275, 4 x 280

    1) Absolute shitshow

    1) 255 — 245, 235
    2) 225 — 215, 205

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