5 thoughts on “140712

  1. WL:
    1) 40kg
    2) 50kg
    *First day. Not PRs by any means… slowly getting back into it.

    1) 36kg
    *Went off an old 3RM, felt too light.

  2. 1) Bench, I had no 3rm from Wed so went for 3rm and then tried heavy single
    5×60, 5×70, 5×80, 3×85, 3×90, 3×95, 1×100, 1×105(×), 1×105kg(×)

    100kg my 1RM so far, looks like more work before we move higher

    2) Snatch build to a heavy single

    70kg was my previous PB from 2 months ago! Very chuffed!

    3) C and J build to a heavy single

    50/70/80/90/100(x)/100kg clean, no jerk

    100kg my PB in clean and in jerk never done C and at that. Should have done this before bench but had to start with bench, as platform was busy.

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