Outlaw Connectivity runs on a 12 week work cycle, starting with the building blocks of correct body shapes, moving into handstands, and then finishing up with bar and ring work; pull-ups, chest to bar, and muscle ups. Those of you who have been following from the beginning may have noticed that this week we started over from week 1. If you are new to connectivity, this is a great place to start, but be aware that this 12 week cycle is going to be more difficult than the original 12 week cycle, specifically focusing on the final goals of the program: Increasing handstand walk distance and consistency, improving maximum effort bar and ring work, and of course efficiency of all movement. The volume is increased, especially in length of handstand holds and all of the static shaping, and we are going to begin making assumptions about minimum unbroken sets of levers, pull-ups, handstand walk distance, and specifically muscle-ups.

In addition, I am going to be putting together supplemental work that overlays the base program for everyone out there who wants to get especially gymnasty (for the record I’m still not sure if I’m on board with making ‘gymnasty’ a word yet). I will be putting together progressions for freestanding HSPU, ring HSPU, forward and backward ring rolls, press handstands, uphill HS walking and backwards HS walking. This work should be viewed as supplemental and is not entirely necessary for your proficiency in gymnastics work if your goals are specifically to improve in Crossfit. With that being said, anytime you have the chance to master kinesthetic movement at a more advanced level you will see your base skills improve drastically. Plus, who doesn’t like having a few extra party tricks up their sleeve?

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    • This week is a perfect time to start. If you struggle with reps/time/etc. work to accumulate the numbers prescribed in as many sets as it takes.

  1. What about those of us who are just getting to the HS walk part? I got my first 10 step HS walk 2 weeks ago and have not hit it again. Still issues with shoulder taps ect. I still cant come close to the leavers on the bar. What should those of us at my level do when it comes to the higher end stuff you will be putting up.

    • Two options: 1. Keep following from where you are now, 2. Follow the cycle as is on the day the work is posted to the best of your availability and accumulate the reps/distance/time in as many sets as it takes.

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