Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20

Static Shaping
2×1:00 Front Box Hold
photo 2-4
2×1:00 Back Box Hold
photo 1-4
3×0:20 30 Degree Handstand Hold
photo 1-2

For 4:00, 0:20 On/0:10 Off Hollow Rocks
For 4:00, 0:20 On/0:10 Off Arch Rocks

3 thoughts on “140628

  1. Not sure if you browse through the comments, but in case you do….
    I would like to thank you for the instruction and direction that you offer
    question: Would you recommend completing your wod after or before the other programs that are offered through Outlaw?

    • Thanks Joel! We have most of our athletes in house and on Team Outlaw completing Connectivity as a warmup, especially now that we’re focusing on more skill work that appears in workouts.

  2. HS Walking has increased about 5x the distance to about 150 ft UB since starting; I usually just post on theway- conn: done. so I’m doing the work don’t generally post it here. Thanks

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