Here’s a great example of how footwork affects a split jerk. This is not a maximal load for this lifter, but it is heavy enough that as you will see, her footwork will put her in a position where she cannot save the jerk because it is too forward.

First, take a look at the dip. It is near perfect. The bar stays straight up and down, weight shifts to the front of the foot but she does not come onto her toes early. She gets ankle extension AFTER hip and quad drive. Then, look at the feet in the split. Her front foot comes down way before her back foot, and at the point, you can see the bar clearly in front of her. There is no way she can get the bar into a good position with the weight over her shoulders and torso. Her only recourse would be to save it with strength, which she was unable to do. In order to get the bar into that solid catch position over the body, the back foot needs to strike first so you can drive through the bar.

Here are two ways we use to get a lifter to get the back foot down first and get both feet in the proper position.

1) Split Jerk Footwork Drill: Don’t let your back leg hit the wall, and make sure your front foot is coming out far enough. Also make sure the dip is perfect and consistent each rep. You can see in this video the back foot hits first.

2) Split Jerk w/box: If your back leg is hitting the box, then you know it is coming out too far, and your front foot is most likely hitting first. You can work up to medium-heavy weights with the box behind you.

Measuring distance for the drills: Use this for both drills. Put a marker down for your front foot on the box drill as well if you’d like.


1) 5X2 Snatch up to 80-85% of PR (from floor)

2) Snatch from blocks (above knee): 2rm – 2×2@90%


1) Power Snatch: 2rm – 2×2@90%


1) Pendlay Row: 4X3 – heaviest possible

2) 5×2 Back Squat @ 90% of Tuesday’s 2rm

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  1. Sorry just jumping back on Outlaw, ‘5X2 Snatch up to 80-85% of PR (from floor)’ is that 80-85% of our 1RM or 2RM? Cheers.

  2. Wl:
    1) 5×2@165#
    2) 175#
    1) 165#
    1) 155#, 165#, 175#, 185#
    2) 5×2@275#

  3. Back/glute still iffy today so I didn’t really push things…

    1) 175-185(ox)-185-195-205(ox)
    2) DND

    1) 225 — 205(xo), 205

    1) 235-255-275-285
    2) DND

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