More coming on the Split Jerk later this week…

USAW released the schedule and start list for Nationals yesterday. Check it out here.

Storm the Castle.


1) Clean from blocks (just above knee): 2rm – 2×2@90%

2) BTN Jerk from blocks (drop every rep): 2rm – 2×2 @90%


1) Power Clean: 2rm – 2×2@90%


1) Push Press: 2rm – 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%

2) Bench Press: 3rm, 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%

9 thoughts on “140625

  1. I’m surprised to see block work this close to a major competition. U know more about this than I do but I would think we would want to do nothing but full lifts at this point.

    • This cycle is not peaking for Nationals. We have our lifters on other programming specifically for the meet. After Nationals we will do a cycle that specifically peaks for the AO, that will be posted on the site.

      • Oh. Well that blows. I was under the impression this was a cycle to peak us for national.

        • When u posted to have us email rudy if we were lifting at nationals I emailed him but never heard from him. Can My wife and I get on that other program from now until nationals?

  2. 1) 2RM clean from blocks: 83kg, felt heavy today.
    2) 2RM jerk: dont ask

    3) 2RM power clean: 75kg +1x80kg (PR)
    4) 2RM pushpress: 62,5kg
    5) no time for benchpress

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