6 thoughts on “140621

  1. Did the C&J first today and was able to PR that and the Snatch.

    C&J 175 (+10)
    Snatch 135 (+5)
    Front Squat 215 (match)

  2. Sn: 240lbs
    C&J: 290lbs

    Front Squat: 335lbs

    It’s safe to say that my injuries have set me back quite a bit

  3. Snatch 100kg-105(f)
    Clean & jerk 125kg-130(f-jerk)
    Front squat 140(2)

  4. Snatch 155
    Clean & jerk 195
    Front squat 235

    Fml, most frustrating day ever. Couldn’t come close to my pr’s…I don’t understand how people are pr-ing after the de load week. Guess I’m a weak face. Hopefully next week is better.

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