My favorite South African exercisers went to work on their floor levers this morning.

Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20
At this point, we’ve been doing this stretch for 9 weeks. Let me know what kind of improvement you’re seeing so we can gauge where to go on our next 12 week cycle.

Static Shaping
30 Degree Handstand Hold 3×0:30
photo 1-2

2×1:00 Hands and Feet Hollow Hold

This is the longest we’ve gone so far. If your form breaks and you lose shoulder tension work to accumulate 1:00 of perfection.

Skills and Drills
Focusing on driving both shoulders over the bar at the same time. If you aren’t there yet do ME Chest to Bar with the big Arch to Hollow swing that we’ve been practicing.

4 thoughts on “140620

  1. Even on days you don’t have the box shoulder work listed I do it. And the shoulder/bar stretch.

    Love it and big improvement.

  2. Noticeable difference in ROM from the shoulder stretch. Also do it on days it’s not programmed

  3. BMUs got 8-10, I lost count but that is a big PR on the bar for me. Actually helps to keep a narrower grip , any wider and I start to do the one elbow thing. The kip is improved!

  4. BMU’s ~ 14 (-3) but I’ll take it as this was done after today’s conditioning and the bar I have to use isn’t quite high enough so my feet brush the ground every once in a while. I think I have 20 in me with the proper set up.

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