Outlaw Barbell Head Coach, Jared Fleming, has taught me more about lifting – just by watching him – than I’ve ever learned from any course, book, website, or any other coach. Nearly 400# with the speed, precision, fluidity, and power of Usain Bolt, Nadia Comaneci, and a jackhammer wrapped in blonde hair and a set of 32″ quads. Watch him dance boys and girls…

WOD 140620:


Hang Snatch (just above knee): 5X2@80% of 2RM


1) Back Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@70%, 2X5@75% – rest as needed.

2) Front Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@70%, 1X5@75% – rest as needed.


For time:

24 KB Weighted Pistols (alternating) 24/16kg
12 Muscle-Ups
16 KB Weighted Pistols (alternating) 24/16kg
8 Muscle-Ups
12 KB Weighted Pistols (alternating) 24/16kg
6 Muscle-Ups

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  1. “I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.”
    Muhammad Ali

  2. Snatch 165
    Back squat 4×5/205 testing out the back
    Front squat did a few pause doubles to practice with one of our members
    Con 10:11
    Had 9:50 and missed the last mu 🙁

  3. BBG
    Done @ 145#


    Wimped out and did as a 10 min EMOM
    Odd – 4 muscle ups
    Even – 10 pistols w/ 16kg KB

  4. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    HSn: 150# off of 190#

    BS: done off 355# – inside of right groin is still really bothering me. Feel weak in the bottom of the squat and have pain as well. Result of that 1RM back squat attempt. Resting this weekend, and playing it by ear.
    FS: done off 275#

    Conditioning: can’t do pistols – which, btw, does anyone have any really good stretches for this? When I hit the bottom of the pistol, my heel comes off the floor and I roll on my toes. Help?

    Did 30 MUs for time instead. 5:26; 0:04 PR

    • Tons if the foot against a vertical surface leaning in calf/ankle stretch.
      I also did a godo bit of squats with a band around my ankles, hooked to a pole behind me (pulling on the front of the foot).
      Finally, another warmup, get to the bottom of the squat and try and really get full ROM of the ankle. I’ll do this a band around my butt so I don’t fall back (had to at first, no longer), then lean forward hard doing one leg at a time, and then move towards the outside of the ankle on that leg, then do the other.

      In reality though, nothing helped more than doing TONS of “Rx” workouts with my heel on something (in oly’s too). Eventually you’ll get there. My left ankle was WAY worse and used to kick me back onto my butt very often.

      Also try holding a 15-25# plate out in front of you while you do a pistol. I was able to do this before anything else to hit full ROM.

      There’s also some british CF pistol guru on youtube who will likely be the first person that comes up on a “pistol crossfit” search there.

  5. BBG
    1:) 170#

    1:) done off 335#
    2:) done off 295#

    First time doing weighted pistols, those were interesting.

  6. M/28?#157/NorCal
    1. #150

    1. 175-205-216
    2. 135-160-170

    Practiced for local comp. this weekend.

  7. BBG
    off 245
    12:03 (weighted pistols are the devil. the just fuck happened to me?)

  8. BBG 1) 115#
    STR 1) 210-225-260-260#
    STR 2) 210-225#
    Cond – Heavily scaled
    16 KB Weighted Pistols (alternating) 8kg
    8 Muscle-Ups
    12 KB Weighted Pistols (alternating) 8kg
    6 Muscle-Ups
    8 KB Weighted Pistols (alternating) 8kg
    4 Muscle-Ups

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