3×5 PVC Shoulder Raises, aim to get higher each time

4×0:30 Each Pose, Deep Couch Stretch

Skills and Drills
3×8 Pull-Up Levers DEMO

For 4:00, 0:20 On/0:10 Off Hollow Rocks
For 4:00, 0:20 On/0:10 Off Arch Rocks

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  1. Question (this may have been answered) but how do you approach breathing when handstand walking? Everytime I need to take a breath I get all wobly.

    • The short answer is breathe normally while maintaing stomach tension. Practice breathing in your handstand holds against the wall first, we have athletes in the gym having conversations throughout the entire minute hold to practice breathing while upside down. The idea is that if you’re breathing as you regularly would upright you won’t need to take big gasping breaths upside down that would cause you to loosen up your core.

      • Yea, I remember you giving a lecture upside down at camp. I will try some holds while talking to myself. Also, thanks for the programming. Went from Dill telling my body doesn’t like being upside down to a 28′ walk since March. Thanks!

  2. I have 2 questions.
    1. How would you suggest we scale the pull up levers in order to be able to perform them with flat hips? I have a hard time maintaining flat hips.
    2. arch to hollow+c2b+bar muscle up- I do bar muscle ups fairly well but I have always slightly chicken winged with my right arm, these progressions have made that chicken wing SO much better but would you suggest not doing the bar muscle up? It’s not a struggle and it’s not a significant chicken wing, more like one arms straight and there’s a bend and tilt on my right side. Sorry for the long questions.

    • 1. Keep your levers low. Don’t worry about getting vertical, or even horizontal, maybe work at 30 degrees under the bar with your body and not letting yourself sink into a full pull-up. Keep your arms bent the whole time and just lightly push and pull yourself a few inches away and towards the bar.

      2. See how you do with bending both arms. Standards include going through a dip (straight arm bar muscle ups are ideal in my mind, but technically this would be an uprise). Try to do an exaggerated chest to bar, pull the bar to your ribs under your pectorals, essentially doing the first half of a bar muscle-up without the shoulder drive over the top of the bar. Work on getting higher and higher with even arms, then throw both shoulders over together. The one-arm technique is usually a side effect of trying to get your shoulders over the bar too early.

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