WOD 140609:


1) Clean from Blocks (above knee): 5X2@80% of 2RM

2) Split Jerk off Blocks (drop each rep): 5X2@80% of 2RM


1a) 4X8 Strict Pull-ups (not UB) – rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X3@80% of 3RM Behind-the-neck Push Press with 3 second Pause OH (clean grip) – rest 90 sec.


For time:

10 Power Cleans 155/105#
1 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
9 Power Cleans 155/105#
2 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
8 Power Cleans 155/105#
3 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
7 Power Cleans 155/105#
4 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
6 Power Cleans 155/105#
5 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
5 Power Cleans 155/105#
6 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
4 Power Cleans 155/105#
7 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
3 Power Cleans 155/105#
8 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
2 Power Cleans 155/105#
9 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)
1 Power Cleans 155/105#
10 Strict HSPU (regionals standard)

18 thoughts on “140616

  1. BBG:
    1) 53 kg
    2) 48 kg

    a) done
    b) 83#

    subbed kipping HSPU
    finished the round of 7 HSPU and 3 power cleans, shoulders failed

  2. Hey TOW
    Just wanted to give you guys a big shout out. Did my first Individual RX competition this weekend and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! I placed 11th overall (nothing too fancy). The programming kicks ass and if there are C&J’s and snatches in a WOD i’m golden. (Let’s just say that the 11th place was due to a WOD with 24″ box jumps…F them.) Keep doing what you’re doing!
    Thanks again!

  3. BBG
    1) 185#
    2) 185#

    1a) Done
    1b) Did 4×5 @ 115# Strict Press + the pause OHS – my coach recommended more strict work to help with weak shoulders

    Gave myself a 15:00 cap – didn’t wanna get stuck in HSPU hell
    Got thru 1 HSPU of the 8’s – took a long time to get thru those 6’s & 7’s, HSPU are a huge weakness

  4. I find it necessary to tell you guys that I just ordered a rower. I’ve been building my garage gym for 15 months or so now and this was the biggest single item purchase. Worst case scenario I’ll have plenty to sell. Best case I make it to regionals. OK that’s all. Work will be posted later. Thank God for da deload.

    • M/30/175

      1) 195
      2) 205

      1) 5+3 each set below is SUPER HOT, flossing has not helped
      2) 155

      Finally did one, 12:56. Great. Got a little dizzy on hspu but the cleans gassed me.

  5. Back again and glad to be in a deload week after team competition @CrossFit Basel
    1) 100 kg
    2) 100 kg
    1a) done
    1b) 85 kg

    13:56 rx’d

  6. BBG:
    1. 104kg
    2. 100kg

    1a. Done
    1b. Done

    *done after driving 4 hours round trip for a day trip and no warmup
    **garage gyms save a lot of time throughout the day not having to drive to the box for separate sessions

  7. Conn: Done
    BBG-Did Saturday’s lifts
    Conditioning: Did Saturday’s ~1mile/100burpees/10 full snatches @ 175, 18:55
    Rested 50 min.
    Did todays: 10to1 1to10 PC/SHSPU’s @ 155, 12:50. Was drained a bit from the 1st wod, my rest day is tomorrow so did both conditioning pieces.

  8. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    2RM Cln 80%: 190# off of 240#
    2RM S Jerk 80%: 210# off of 260#

    PU: done
    BN PP: 175# off of 220#

    Conditioning: 13:20 Rx – SHSPUs only caught up to me in rounds 8/9/10…had to break to smaller sets. Did all singles for PClns.

  9. m/35/5’8″/180lb Post Patella Tendon R Knee Reconstruction 3/10/14
    1a) 8-8-8-8
    1b) 95-135-155-135
    COND (scaled to 135# and did rds 5-10 with kip HSPU)
    Starting to get back into it and I feel very slow and weak!

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