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  1. Power
    1.) Done


    ***had to sub 12 C2B Pull Ups on first 3 rounds and 8 C2B Pull Ups on second 3 rounds. Pressing movements are fucking my right anterior delt up right now.

    Have a competition at Reebok CrossFit One this weekend also. Want to fresh

    • Want to be fresh**

      Also felt like torturing myself a bit so I rode the Assault Bike for 30 minutes.

      Kept my HR at ~160

  2. Power
    90, 115, 135

    25:56 Subbed 2x MU progressions. DU very broken.

  3. Had no steam for any conditioning, very beat this week, and have sleep deprivation issue (due to work). But went bit harder on squats, as not tested 1RM for absolute ages, decided to do:

    Thats 5kg PB and this was a day when I felt beat, so once again pretty happy with the progress.

  4. Power: 1) Hatch later
    Conditioning: 12:02 rx Double unders were a shirt show today. MU: 6, 5/1, 4/2 & 4, 4, 4 row was 3:43, probably could’ve gone faster but achilles is hurting.

  5. Connectivity


    DND, shoulder still feeling funky
    spent 20 min working on Double Unders
    and some Clean Pull-Power Clean Complexes

  6. Where is the post for Saturday? Loving the programming but I sure wish they’d get posted sooner

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