The Nielsen girls put the rest of the gang to shame on the Connectivity drills this morning.

We’re getting fancy today.
Thoracic Spine Barbell Stretch 3×0:30
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Skills and Drills
3×3 Pull-Up Pull-Overs DEMO
Begin with a strict pull-up and move your hips to the bar just as we’ve been practicing in the levers. At the top of the lever pull your legs over the bar and push yourself to front support. If you have to work with bent knees to get used to getting over the bar that’s okay to start, but keep in mind perfect form is the ideal.

3×5 Feet in Rings MU Drills DEMO
Set a pair of rings on your MU bar to hang exactly high enough to put your hips at the bar and rest the arch of your foot in the rings. Swing backward with straight arms and straight legs maintaining pressure on the rings with your feet. Swing back over the bar focusing on aggressively pulling your shoulders over the front of the bar. We’re focusing on building comfort working away from the bar on the backswing and the fast shoulder drive over the front of the bar. Keep your hips up high as in the first few examples. DO NOT let yourself pike downward like the last rep.

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  1. Hi Kaitlin! Thanks for all of this. I love love love what you’re doing. I’ve been following it religiously for about six weeks and I already see massive results in my gymnastics. However, this being a massive weakness for me, today’s work was nearly impossible for me. I have been able to follow almost everything to date, but couldn’t get either of these exercises. Any progressions for these? Can I email you videos? 😉 Thanks again!

    • Thanks! Find me on instagram @khardy211 and I’ll take a look. These took awhile for our in-house training group to get a hang of but now they’ve got it down like pros.

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