Alex Gentilella @agent92 somehow found a way to make seal walks fun.

Connectivity 1

Static Shaping

Chin to Toes Handstand Hold 2×1:00 with perfect form.
Break your sets and work to accumulate 1:00 if your form starts to deteriorate.

Active Shaping

Straight Body Lower Down 5×0:10 Descent

Skills and Drills

Arch to Hollow Snap Med-Ball Throws 3×15 20/14#

Arch to Hollow Swing 3×10
Just so that it’s clear where I’m going with this, these large sets of arch to hollow swings will turn into large sets of consecutive bar muscle-ups.

8 thoughts on “140610

  1. Can you please tell me if we are to do Connectivity before or after we train (i follow Power)


    • Rudy has our games and regionals athletes using connectivity for their warmup. It’s meant as an add-on to throw in anywhere during the day though, so while warm-up is best the real answer is “whenever you can get it in”.

      • Yes, but focus on putting your chin on the wall so you can see your hands in your peripheral field of vision. Read The Outlaw Connectivity Doctrine if you need handstand guidance.

  2. Should we be stopping in between each hollow arch swing or connecting all ten?

  3. I’ve asked before and didn’t get a reply but I’m wondering about seal works on grippy rubber flooring. All that happens is my shoes get ripped open and if I go shoes off then the feet get cut up.

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