10 thoughts on “140610

  1. Power:
    1.) 70, 85, 100

    7:24 turns out I’m terrible at Fran regardless of how it’s implemented.

  2. Power
    50, 65, 75

    7:06 w/ 35# dumbbells (no matching KBs) But I did get lots of butterfly pull-ups which is an improvement for me.

  3. I’ve been thinking about making the jump to Outlaw Power and was wondering if next week was the start of a new wave as this week looks to be a deload. Or, should I just jump in now?

  4. M/28/#157/NorCal
    1. Done

    5:37 Done with #45 DB and chest to bar pull ups.

  5. 1) Strict Press. Kept climbing in 5s. Havent tested 1rm for ages so then assaulted singles. Got to 67.5kg but 70kg didnt go up. 7.5kg PB so pretty happy.

    2) Had no two KBs so did oldskool Fran. Was very beat so no intensity in me. Thrusters feel so much lighter then ever, managed to PB by 10s and didn’t have any strength to push properly.

    For time

    21-15-9 of:

    Dual KB Thrusters 24/16kg

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