Hamstring Box Stretch 3×0:20
Handstand Hamstrings
Work to get your hips directly above your shoulders and your shoulders directly above your wrists. We are stretching the hamstrings but also focusing on the open shoulder position that you are probably getting sick of me preaching.

Static Shaping
2×1:00 Nose to Toes Handstand Hold
photo 1
1:00 is a long time, if you feel your form start to deteriorate come down early and work to accumulate a total of 1:00 with perfect form and fully extended shoulders instead.

3×6 Chin-Up levers to Horizontal or Vertical, again Vertical is preferable but its most important to maintain flat hips.

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  1. I have to look like an asshole doing just about every one of your movements, but I have to say my handstand walks look a hundred times better than a month ago. How do you initiate the swing on the chin-up levers without breaking at the hip? Seems like getting started is the hardest part of that movement.

    • Rudy told us to stop rolling around on the floor yesterday… I’m glad your handstand walks are improving. Getting started is the hardest part, start at the top of a chin up and hollow to let your feet come in front of the bar a little bit, swing them back behind the bar 8-12″ then attempt the first lever to get some swing going. Keep in mind that the tighter you are the more you can use your swing to do the work for you.

  2. Best progression for the lever would be to get as horizontal as possible with flat hips? Or would recommend floor levers?

    • Both. I would substitute one of the sets of bar levers for floor levers every time they are programmed and spend the rest of your working sets getting as high as possible with flat hips.

      • Awesome. That is what I did today. This already has helped my muscle ups, and handstand walks tremendously. I’m anxious to see how it translates into my HSPU tomorrow in “the way ” WOD.

        Thank you and all the other outlaw coaches for an awesome program!

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