Figured I’d save this one to cap off “Outlaw Ladies Holy S**t Week”.

Lacey Van Der Marel – 222# Power Clean @ 132# BW:

WOD 140606:


1) Hang Snatch (just above knee): 2rm- 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%

2) Snatch: 5×1@90% of Tuesday’s 2rm.


1) Back Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@65%, 1X5@70%, 1X5@75% – rest as needed.

2) Front Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@65%, 1X5@70%, 1X5@75% – rest as needed.


For time:

Row 1k
30 Thrusters 115/75#
Row 500m
15 Thrusters 115/75#

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  1. Are you purposely deviating from the Hatch Cycle template? If so, can you please let us know so I am no longer confused as f*ck? I have us on Week 9, Day 2, which should be as follows :

    BS: 5@65%/75%/75%/75%
    FS: 5@65%/65%/65%/65%


  2. I don’t think they said they were ever doing hatch. Maybe a variation of it? If so i’m gonna be pissed i didn’t go for 100% last week because i read in the comments that the percentages were supposed to be in the 70% range because that’s what hatch would have been.

    • Hey Josh – Hatch is a 12 week cycle. For the first 7 weeks, we matched up perfectly each Tues/Fri. Then one Tuesday, the prior Tuesday’s work was re-posted exactly. Due to the fact that Rudy works with periodization, I assumed this was a mistake…you rarely go for 100% two weeks in a row…and he had Regionals going on with increased travel, coaching, etc. However, it has since continued and with no response from him, I’m going to stay with the proven cycle (Hatch) until he mentions otherwise or gets back on track with the prescribed Hatch %’s.

      This is like turning the lights off and playing “Who’s in my mouth?” I’m going to stick with what I know before I venture out into the darkness…

      • I have been sticking with Hatch, as well. Almost got me this AM but I have Burgener’s excel template printed out and double checked it.

        However, further confusing me – Outlaw CrossFit seems to be off as well. The first week things were different from Hatch on TOW, Outlaw CrossFit still posted the Hatch percentages but now they are following TOW.

  3. BBG
    1. 175# – Drop sets done.
    2. Off of 165#.
    1. Off of 405#
    2. Off of 315#

  4. M/30/175

    Squadz off 315/265 with Cheek’s percentages (Hatch week 9, day 2).

    • BBG
      1) 165, 175(1), back to full and it was fancy. Drops done.
      2) oops

      11:46 – subbed 800m and 400m runs.
      Thrusters went 5-5-5 then 10-5. Probably should’ve gone with larger sets on 30.

  5. Kids, shhhhhh… We are following an extended Hatch. Everything is exactly how it should be. RELAX. It’s like you don’t even trust me anymore.

    • The bearded-one speaketh! Can’t fault us for getting rowdy. When Dad’s away, the kids will play…

      Based on the above, I’m going to follow the posted percentages, not the Hatch template.

      Josh – you can be pissed at me now

  6. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    2RM Hang Sn: 190#; +5# PR; ties LT PR from any position, even for 1RM; drop sets done
    5×1 @ 90% from Tuesday: 165# off 185#; 5/5

    BS: off 355#
    FS: off 275#

    Conditioning: 10:55 Rx
    1K – 3:45
    30 TH: 10/10/10
    0.5K – 2:05
    15 TH: 8/7

  7. Snatch 2 rep: 175

    BS: off 335
    FS: off 305

    1st set of Thrusters not so nice.

  8. BBG
    1) 275 (Drop sets done)
    2) 245 (4/5)



    *Also did WOD 1 of The Granite Games Online Qualifier

  9. BBG: 1) 185
    2) 180
    Strength: 1) off 285
    2) off 235
    Conditioning: 11:21 with 95lbs thruster

  10. 1. 190×2, 180×2, 175×2
    2. 172- 6 for 7
    3. 195-210-225-245
    4. 165-175-185-200
    5. 11:12rx that hurt

  11. Bbg
    Light snatch bar wasn’t moving very fast from the get go.
    Bs based off 395
    FS based off 345 (didn’t feel ask fast out of the bottom)
    10:00 nice piece

  12. 1) 225, never dropped it
    2) 210, no misses

    1) off of 415
    2) off of 365

    Cond- didn’t time

    P.S. Fuck you legs, enjoy your lactic acid bath for the weekend.

  13. Conn: Done
    1) Hang Snatch (just above knee): 205
    2) Snatch: 195.

    1) Back Squat: off 465
    2) Front Squat: off 410
    Conditioning Conditioning, later

    • Conditioning: 9:42, couldn’t push the 2nd rd like I wanted to. Fell off hard pace on the 2nd row/thrusters. Thrusters done as 10/10/10, 8/7. Wanted to do 15/15, 15.

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