There are only two types of people in the world. Those that follow The Outlaw Way and can perform muscle-ups, and those that follow The Outlaw Way and need to spend a little extra time on connectivity. Rudy and I are currently putting together a comprehensive bar muscle-up progression guide with the goal of fine-tuning bar muscle-ups for those of you who are already reasonably proficient and getting those of you who still need work up and over the bar. For the next two weeks we will be focusing on one specific aspect of the bar muscle-up per day until we start to bring it all together.

Active Shaping
3×30′ Arch to Hollow Roll
Arch to Hollow Rolls

Skills and Drills
6 Sets of Arch to Hollow Swing + Chest to Bar + Bar Muscle-Up: DEMO

Today, we are focusing on having active shoulders in the front of the swing. The more you can open your shoulders underneath the bar, the easier the rest of the muscle-up will be. In this video I tried to exaggerate the extended arch position. Start hanging in the bar, hit a hollow position and then forcefully open your shoulders as much as possible by driving your head forward and your feet behind you. Maintain straight legs throughout the entire drill. If you can already perform muscle-ups, do the exercise as prescribed. If you cannot perform a muscle-up just yet stick to Arch to Hollow Swing + Chest to Bar + Chest to Bar focusing on being as dramatic as possible in the snap from tight arch to hollow.

If you have any questions, get at me.
PS You don’t have to roll over the bar at the end, I just try to get upside down as much as possible throughout my day…

4 thoughts on “140604

  1. Hi!
    I did this before outlaw barbell today, couldn’t get the snap as strongly as you can, nor thoracic extension!
    I found that when I kept my legs straight, I lost extension when I drove my chest forward…any advice?

    Should I be doing this before or after barbell do you think?


    • We normally suggest connectivity as a warmup. The thoracic extension will come with your flexibility. I actually begin with the thoracic box stretch and some PVC raises every day. You can add extra Med-Ball Arch to Hollow Snaps (on vimeo) to actually feel that “snap”.

  2. What tips do you have for someone who can’t seem to get a C2B with the overhand grip? I can do chin up grip and get the C2B (shoulders touching the bar) no problem!

    • Come to camp. In the meantime, I’ve found that most people who have this problem are trying to go straight up into the bar instead of letting their shoulders come back behind the bar before swinging themselves up. Take time practicing the arch to hollow swing, your chest to bar is essentially that same swing with the addition of pulling yourself into the bar.

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