Simply one of the best, most athletic Snatches I’ve ever seen.

WOD 140530:


1) Hang Snatch (just above knee): 2rm- 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%

2) Snatch: 5×1@90% of Tuesday’s 2rm.


1) Back Squat: 2X5@65%, 3X5@70% – rest as needed.

2) Front Squat: 4X5@60% – rest as needed.


3 rounds for time of:

12 Strict HSPU (Regionals standard)
12 Power Cleans 185/125#
24 Split Jumps (each jump counts 1 rep)

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  1. What percentage of the clean should you use is your max power clean is 123#? 70%ish

    • 185# is about 80% of my 1RM PCln. I would use somewhere in the 70-80% range, so probably 90# for you.

      • Thank you!!!JCheek I never know what weight to use, until I can RX these Outlaw w/o’s

      • No problem. Most of us have been in your shoes when we first started. Give it time. Pick a weight where you can focus on form and doing the reps correctly instead of trying to kill yourself with Rx weight and learn incorrect motor patterns.

        • For sure^^^ thanks!

          Connectivity: done
          Levers:More like 6-7 secs.
          Hollow Rolls& V-ups:
          Getting better, holding feet up.. the whole time is def. more challenging

          2rm hang snatches:
          83, got 1 at 88#, not pulling under, muscling + drops

          BS: off of 155#
          FS: off of 145#

          7- hspu negatives, 5 sec tempo each round.
          93# Pcln’s, fast singles every rep

          Then worked on sets of 10 ring dips, ME & muscle up transitions with band.
          Practiced hs walking techniques

  2. I’ve missed my 100% back squat the last two weeks but I’ve been hitting all the other %’s pretty consistently. Should I adjust my 1RM or stay the course?

    • Shane – First off, you weren’t supposed to attempt 100% this week. I know he posted that % on Tuesday, but it was posted in error. I posted the correct squat percentages, so you should have followed that. Secondly, if you aren’t failing any of the other reps/percentages, I would keep things as is and stay the course. Missing those two attempts could be because of a lot of factors, so don’t worry about those and just focus on finishing the cycle strong and PR’ing after when we test it.

    • Greg – Get in your lunge stance, right leg forward, 90*, left leg back, knee touching the ground. From here, jump up and switch your position so that your left leg is now forward, your right leg is back, and you are in a lunge on the opposite leg. It’s basically a jumping lunge where you alternate which foot is forward and which is back. Hopefully I explained that well enough and didn’t confuse you more.

      Here’s a video:

  3. BBG
    1. 165# (Caught 175# once) – Drop sets done
    2. Off of 165#
    1. Off of 405#
    2. Off of 315#

  4. M/30/175#

    Squadz – off 315 and 265, easy peasy.

    Cheek – Voodoo a couple times/day and knee sleeve during these squats. I’m going power on all lifts. I feel better and think with this light duty I’ll maintain my ish while getting back to 100%. I do feel weird about flossing at my desk/taking the bands into the stall LOL.

    • Glad to hear it’s getting better. If you attack the Power movements with the same vigor that you’ve been attacking the full variations, I definitely think your ish will be kept in tact lol.

      Also, people are going to judge you for numerous things. Might as well be for flossing at your desk or in a stall than something else. If that’s the worst the can judge you for, then life is pretty good. Just be sure to give both knees the same amount of love.

    • BBG (all power)
      1) 165, 175(1), drops easy
      2) 3×1 @ 145 too easy

      11:05. A neighbor who coaches did this with me in 9:02 @155. The damn split jumps…..

  5. 1) 225#
    2) 225#

    1) Off of 410
    2) Off of 365

    Cond- 8:10, unbroken on all HSPU, did PC 1 at a time and fuck you for split jumps…

  6. BBG:
    1) 52 kg, drops done
    2) 49 kg

    BS: off 200#
    FS: off 175#

    Conditioning: different, later

  7. snatches 205
    singles 175
    squats-will do later
    con 7:24 is it sad that the split jumps were the most demoralizing part of that wod?

  8. tomorrow i take part in an event, so just went easy through the whole volume
    1) 100(1) – 90- 90 kg
    2) 90 kg 4/5 … 🙁

    BS off 160
    FS off 150

    8:56 yep, legs burned during split jumps

  9. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    2RM HSn: 185#; drops done
    5×1: 160# 5/5

    BS: done off 355#
    FS: done off 275#

    Conditioning: 10:38 Rx. Worst part for me was SHSPUs. 6/6; 6/4/2; 4/4/2/2

  10. BBG:
    1. 100kg
    2. 90kg

    1. Off 170kg
    2. Off 160kg


  11. 1. 190×2-202×1 LIFETIME PR
    2. 170 across no misses
    3. 215-215-235-235-235
    4. Dnd
    5. 13:28 Rx, heavyish PC= huge nemesis

  12. BBG:
    1) 165# Pr for 2Rrm… failed drop sets after trying multiple times
    2) way too worn out from the 2rm to even get close to making these

    1) off 275#
    2) off 225#

    Conditioning: 11:18

  13. Bbg
    195 (felt like money)
    BS Based off 395
    FS Based off 345
    7:40 UB on hspu. Singles on PCs

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