Static Shaping

Toes to Nose Handstand Hold Against Wall, 3×0:40

Skills and Drills

3xME Free-standing Handstand Shoulder Taps
If your ME is less than 10 or if your form fails, perform sets of 20 against the wall.
Handstand Shoulder Taps
Light hands, push through your shoulders, your elbows should come straight out to the side and you should stay in the same place on the floor.

Wall Med-Ball Throws, 2×10
Arch to Hollow Ball Throws
Focus on not breaking your shoulder angle at the end of the throw, we are working on snapping from the arch to hollow position that we have been practicing.


Arch Rocks, 0:20 On/0:10 Off for 4:00, hold a PVC pipe if possible.
Arch Rocks Demo

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  1. After outlaw conditioning Monday and Tuesday your work was super mean today haha. Quick question. I’m noticing a huge deficiency in my arch positions. Muscle ups being the biggest issue and suffering bad in today’s connectivity Tabata. Any other extra work/mobility you would recommend to get me opened up more?


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