Congrats to everyone who hit a personal record on their handstand walk attempts yesterday. And a special congratulations to Outlaw Athlete Paul Castaneda who took first place in event 2 in the Southern California region. If you haven’t already, start keeping a tally on the women who have qualified to the games these past few weeks who have a gymnastics background. Rudy has Miyagi’d me into keeping statistics on everything and everyone and my prediction is that by the end of next weekend, we see more ex-gymnasts than non-gymnasts qualify to the 2015 Crossfit Games.

Thoracic Spine Barbell Stretch 4×0:20
photo-4 copy 2

Active Shaping
3×6 Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar, maintain center of mass directly underneath bar, focus on pushing downward on the bar when you reach the hollow body position.
Arch to Hollow Swing Demo

Skills and Drills
4×5 Chin-Up Levers to Horizontal OR Vertical
Chin-Up Lever to Horizontal
Chin-Up Lever to Vertical
Vertical is preferable, however its more important to keep your body in an exactly straight line, worry about not piking at your hips, not how close you can get to vertical.

We’re gradually going to build up more bar work leading to bar and ring muscle-up progressions and fine tuning in the next few weeks. Take care of your hands. Nothing is better than Preparation H for healing open rips. Just take my word for it. (And don’t leave it out on the counter if you’re having company over.)

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  1. Could you share some tips with the chin-up lever? I watched the video, but I am having trouble getting the rhythm and technique. I feel like a sloth on a tree.

    • Squeeze your butt as hard as possible. You need to keep your body exactly flat to gain momentum and fall into rhythm. Send me some video and I’ll take a look.

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