1) Hang Snatch (just above knee): 2rm- 1×2@95%, 1×2@90%

2) Snatch: 5×1@90% of Tuesday’s 2rm


1) Snatch First Pull (2 count pause @ knee) + Hang Snatch Pull w/Shrug (focus on weight distribution in foot): 3rm- 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%

2) Drop Snatch (start in landing position, no upward momentum): 3rm- 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%


1a) Bench Press: 5×3@90% of max from Tuesday
1b) Pendlay Row: 5×3@90% of max from Tuesday

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    • For our purposes we are referring to snatch balance as allowing the feet to move from jumping position to landing position, as well as allowing a dip/drive. In this case we want NO upward drive, just drop under, and no foot movement. The feet should start in your snatch landing position and never move.

  1. I have the Ohio weightlifting championships on June 7th. Will outlaw have anyone else there? Should/can I put outlaw barbell as my team name? This will be my first meet.

    • Please put Outlaw Barbell for team name. If you would like to put that as your official club on your USAW membership, our club number is 26017

  2. Do you have a video demo or link to explain the first accessory exercise sequence? Thanks

    • Not at the moment but I can try to explain more thoroughly. Do a snatch first-pull. Pause at the top of the knee for 2 seconds. At the end of two seconds continue into the second pull. When you get to your hips, do a shrug. Is that more clear?

  3. WL
    1.) 105 kg, hit 110 once (+5 kg PR from hang)
    2.) 81 kg
    1.) 120
    2.) 85
    2.) 90 kg

    Dropsets done

  4. 1) 2RM HangSnatch: 65kg (+1x70kg PR) +2dropsets
    2) 5×1 Snatch: 55kg

    3) 3RM SnatchFirstPull (pause) + HangSnatchPullShrug: 95kg + 2dropsets@85kg
    4) 3RM DropSnatch: 50kg, “non-heaving” snatch balance is HARD.

    5) 5×3 Benchpress @ 63kg
    6) 5×3 Pendlay Row: 55kg

  5. (lbs)
    1) 120
    2) 95

    1) 115
    2) 85 Man this (starting in landing position) was hard ….well awkward.

    1) 115
    2) 130

  6. I spent most of my alotted gym time to help clean the box and was was only able to do the hang snatch and strength work today.




  7. 1)50kg 2rm
    2)used 5kg more at 47
    1) 62kg
    2) 36kg (very mental for me)
    1)omit (tendonitis flare up- haven’t found a decent sub yet)

  8. Been sick all week…slow day on snatches

    Snatch: 215
    From Floor: 205
    Drop Snatch: 155
    Bench: 210
    Snatch Pulls: 250

  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1454743884770282&id=100007040534106

    I started Crossfit last year, end of November, i had the pleasure of joining Paradiso Crossfit in Venice Beach CA, where i learned everything i know!
    Last February, the owner David Paradiso intruduced me to The Outlaw Way program and i have been following you since. Unfortunatly i had to return to Portugal, where i train every day by myself and still following The Outlaw,
    I have a body weight of 78kg and today i finally hit a 78kg Clean (yyyyaiiii)
    I wanted to share this with you guys and thank you so much for what you do… Sadly right after my PR i was told off by the coach from the gym where i train, apparently you are not allowed to drop the bar

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