Breana Roth- “Four weeks of following Outlaw Connectivity programming and I finally can do a legitimate wall walk and toes and nose to the wall handstand hold for an extended period of time!” Keep the videos coming! Get my attention @khardy211

Side note– It was first ever bar muscle up palooza at Outlaw HQ today. I can’t wait for muscle up week to get here.

Static Shaping
3×0:30 On/0:30 Off Hollow Hold on Hands

Skills and Drills
5×0:20 Weight Shift + Hand Lift
Weight Shift + Hand Lift Demo

A major problem that we’re seeing with the majority of Handstand Walks that we’ve been analyzing leading up to regionals is an attempt to walk with straight elbows. You bend your knees to walk on your feet, and therefore you should also bend your elbows to walk on your hands. If you are already proficient at handstand walking, try extending your work intervals to 0:40.

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  1. Kaitlin,

    I had a question on the front hold on boxes. Would it be ideal to be able to distribute weight in arms only? Or are we going to work to that? I guess I’m asking were actually should we place box relative to our shoulders? Thanks for the help. Hope that made some sort of sense.

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