Yes, I still do gymnastics in my living room like a little kid. Especially when I forget to shoot the demo videos when I’m actually at the gym… After finishing up with college gymnastics I took a year off from any kind of gymnastics to let my body heal before starting up with crossfit. I’m a little shocked at how easily everything is coming back. The next goal is to get Rudy up on a balance beam.

Static Shaping
Back Hold on Boxes 0:30 On/0:30 Off
Front Hold on Boxes 0:30 On/0:30 Off
photo 1-4
photo 2-4

Skills and Drills
Shoulder Shrug 3×15
Shoulder Shrug Demo Video
Begin in the perfect handstand shape that we have been practicing with fully extended shoulders. Let yourself sink down approximately 3″ or as low as your shoulders allow WITHOUT caving forward and allowing a shoulder angle. Then extend fully upward again working to maximize your height on the wall. Extend your toes toward the ceiling the entire time and keep your shoulders on the wall if your flexibility allows (which at this point it better).

Weight Shift with Chin and Toes Against Wall 4×0:30
Weight Shifting Demo Video
The first 10 seconds of the video is the good example. Get into the perfect handstand position that we have been practicing and begin to shift your weight back and forth on your hands. This is the precursor to developing the handstand walk. Shift your weight by pushing out from the wall in one of your shoulders at a time, just as you did with the shoulder shrugs earlier. Work to keep your body in a straight line. The next 10 seconds is the bad example. Do not bend sideways at your hips in an attempt to keep your balance. When we start walking we don’t want to have to worry about developing a waddle back and forth and we want to focus on developing good habits right off the bat.

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