We spent the weekend at Outlaw HQ glued to live Regionals coverage between squat sets. Over the past two weeks we have seen games veterans, and even the 2013 Games Champion, put up ridiculous scores on regionals workouts only to slide down the leaderboard because of a stupid handstand walk. If ever there was a wakeup call to start focusing on gymnastics, this is it.

It’s time to start getting away from the wall.


PVC Shoulder Raises 3×8, work on getting higher and higher with each rep.
PVC Shoulder Raises Demo

Static Shaping
Handstand Hold 4×0:30 with your chin and toes against the wall

Skills and Drills
10 Handstand T-in, T-Out, pause at each position.
T-In/T-Out Demo

This week we will begin to work on kicking up to a handstand and initiating forward momentum. Begin with your arms by your ears in the straight body position that we have been practicing. Lunge forward on one leg while reaching forward with your hands. At the same time, kick your second leg upward to the handstand. Focus on maintaining a straight line from your fingertips to your toe while kicking up to the handstand. Your body should pass through a letter “T” shape as you kick into the handstand. Try to stop at the handstand hold, however if you have too much forward momentum and need to take a step or two on your hands thats okay.

2 thoughts on “140519

  1. Kaitlin,
    I’m a rookie in the gymnastics dept. but really want to learn to HS walk. Any tips (or resources you can point me to) on the proper way to fall? I’m eager to move away from the wall but I don’t want to break my neck!

  2. Kaitlin / Etal,
    I started the Outlaw Power program and I wanted to incorporate the Outlaw Connectivity as well. Should I start from the beginning with the day 1 posting (4.15.14) or just jump right in with today’s posting?

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