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  1. 1) Snatch: 67,5kg (PR match)
    2) Clean&Jerk: 85kg (PR match) + Clean PR 87,5kg (failed jerk)
    3) 3RM frontsquat: 92,5kg (PR match)


  2. I didn’t feel as good on this de-load week as i thought i would..
    1.) 105 kg, barely lost 115 overhead
    2.) 150 kg, couldn’t clean 155
    150 x 2 shittt

  3. Sn: 115kg PR
    C&J: Missed all three jerks at 150kg
    FS: 1RM PR 170kg

    I feel like my snatch max still has many kilos to grow, but my clean is just trudging along.

  4. Snatch 155lbs. Power snatch even though I wasn’t trying to. It just happened fast.

    Clean jerk 205 lbs. Basically I’m reverse curling this with a quick knee dip. I know I need to get faster and commit to full clean.

    Front squat 285 lbs. Don’t know how much longer I can milk linear progress on this. But it’s New 3 rep max .

  5. (lbs)
    Snatch 115 (+5) solid lift. Butt is rising before arms so I have to work on that.

    C&J 175 (PR match) Finally was able to get back to it after not being able to hit it again for a couple weeks. Clean is solid. Jerk is ugly.

    Front Squat 215 (+20) Honestly felt like I had more but I was breaking down after not eating enough prior to session.

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