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  1. 1) 125


    60 progressions (rings at shoulder height feet out in front of me to get to bottom, jump through transition) 10:12 focused on keeping false grip in the bottom.

  2. Pause cleans: 205
    Bent row: 165 w/ fat grips. Woof..
    Ghd situps: done

    Cond: 6:43 almost a 3 minute PR. Still feel like a fatass.

  3. Power
    1.) 215#

    1.) 155#
    2.) done

    3:55, ~:40 PR

  4. Power
    1) 150#

    1a) 95#
    1b) Yes

    11:20 – about 1:40 slower than my PR.
    Must have been all the “spectating” I did at the South East Regionals.

    Sorry for partyin’

  5. M/28/#155/NorCal
    1. 175 (80% of 215)

    1. Done- #125
    2. Done

    Ripped at 5:48 (28), I most likely would have finished under 6:00 but Ill give myself 6:00. Any who my PR is 6:42

  6. Power
    5×3 pause hang clean (80%) 210#


    Bent over rows 225#

    3:50 just about a 30 second PR

  7. Power
    5×3 pause hang clean (80%) 210#


    Bent over rows 225#

    3:50 just about a 30 second PR

  8. I just stumbled upon this new program and looks awesome. My question is should I start from day 1 (4.21.14) or just jump in starting with today’s work out?

    • Craig,

      We’re following a version of Wendler’s 5-3-1 and Friday/Saturday will be the last two days of a deload week. That being said Monday would be a perfect spot to jump in as the set rep scheme will start back at the beginning, it’s a four week cycle repeated. Just make sure to review the Outlaw Power Rules and how to determine your working max.

      • Ifly0404,
        Thanks so much for the input, much appreciated. I will start this coming Mon (5.19.14). Really looking forward to it.
        Another question; why the steel for deadlifts and why is it ok to TnG with steel whereas no TnG for bumpers?

        Thanks again,

  9. My hammies and ass, despite being slow as hell, was brutalized after yest. 400m’s. Got thru what I could.

    1) Clean with 3-sec Pause each rep (just above the knee): 5×3@80% of 3rm
    65kg flat
    2a) Bent Over Rows: 3X5 – medium/heavy, rest 60-90 sec.
    2b) GHD Sit-Ups: 3×20

    3) For time:
    30 Muscle-Ups
    Not done

    4) connectivity done
    Static Shaping
    3×0:30 Handstand Hold*
    Active Shaping
    Inch Worm 40′ for form, pause at the hamstring stretch.
    Skills and Drills
    3×12 Shoulder Shrugs

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