9 days out…

WOD 140514:


1) Clean with 3-sec Pause each rep (just above the knee): 5×3@80% of 3rm

2) Behind-the-neck Jerk off blocks (drop each rep): 5×3@80% of 3rm


1a) Bent Over Rows: 5X5 – medium/heavy, rest 60-90 sec.
1b) Push Press: 5×3@80% of 3rm – rest 60-90 sec.


For time:

30 Muscle-Ups

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  1. Sorry for the newbie question, but is the pause from the pull off the ground? Or do I stand it up first and lower to my knee to pause. Not sure if it matters.

      • Is this a typo? Last couple week’s we’ve had hang cleans with a 3 sec pause…

        • @Junkin – I assume you’re correct. I will be performing them from the Hang, with a 3 second pause at the knee.

          @Ty – Based on how we’ve been doing this the past few weeks, I am assuming it’s a typo as Junkin pointed out. I will be doing mine from the hang, so I will stand it up, then go down to the hang, pause 3 secs, then perform a rep.

          In the end, either way you perform it will be fine…it’s not like this one movement on this one day is going to keep us from making Regionals if we do it incorrectly.

    • It’s a pause at the top of the knee after pulling from the floor. Drop em all after you stand it up.

  2. M/30/175

    Anyhow, strength this morning…
    1) 135 – deload
    2) 155

    Calves are roasted from 400’s. It’s always the 400’s that get me…

  3. BBG: 1) off 225
    2) off 215
    Strength: 1a) 175
    1b) off 175
    Conditioning: worked on MU

  4. BBG
    1) 95kg
    2) 100 kg UB out of rack
    1a) 5x5r/5l single arm bent over row with 100# DB
    1b) 85 kg
    3:35 (+5sec)… gnah disappointed

  5. Cleans 190
    Jerks 200
    Con 5:32
    That’s something like a 6 minute PR and a year ago I couldn’t do more than one at a time. Thanks a ton for the Bloch vs tyminski video and I can literally feel my hollow and arch positions improving with the connectivity work

  6. BBG
    1:) 210#
    2:) 215#

    1a:) 175#
    1b:) 170#

    3:24 (1:05 sec PR)

  7. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Pause HCln: 175# off of 220#
    BTNJ: 190# off of 240#

    Strength: Skipped

    DL: Finished 6-week JTS Crossfit-modified DL cycle; 1RM 415#; +10# PR
    Going to give this another 6-week cycle to try and verify the results with another PR. If not, I’ll switch to the 5/3/1.

    Conditioning: 5:40; 62 second PR;
    Stuck to a E30OT30 but did 3 then 2, then 3 then 2. Was able to keep this the whole time. Wasn’t out of breath, and felt really strong. Similar to Max above, the Connectivity is definitely benefitting my hollow/arch. +1 for Kaitlin.

  8. BBG
    1) 115#
    2) 115#

    Strength (went light on this)
    1a) 85#
    1b) 85#

    12:53 (big PR – 24:15 last time)

    Connectivity – done

  9. 1. 180
    2. 190
    3a. 145
    3b. 145
    4. MU transitions, almost comfortable to go for this

  10. If you can’t do MUs (no rings) what is a good sub? I know the standard HQ sub is 3 pullups and 3 dips for each MU…if this is recommended, would you do 90 consecutive PUs then move to dips or go back and forth? Thx.

    • Do you have the ability to do Bar MUs? If so, sub those in. If not, think about how you would attack the MU WoD if you had rings. If you would do them in sets of 3, then do 9 PUs then 9 dips, and continue this pattern. If you would do 3’s up to 20 then drop down to 2’s, then do 9’s, and move to 6’s. I don’t know if 90 PUs = 30 MUs, but that’s up to you to decide.

  11. Power
    1. 150#
    A. 105#
    B. Done
    Different wod @local cf,
    7 bar m/u
    50 air squats
    5:38 I had to use a band on m/u so im gonna keep working connectivity.

  12. BBG
    1) 155
    2) DND
    135 for both
    14:14 – about 3 min slower than last time. Shoulder wasn’t right.

  13. 1) 205
    2) DND

    1) 185
    2) 185

    Cond: 5:50…20 in 2:50, then clearly slowed way down.

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