It’s a beautiful day here in Virginia so we decided to take a casual 400m lap around the block… Since the start of connectivity practice everyone in our training group at Outlaw HQ has at least doubled their handstand walk distance.


Seated Hamstring Pike Stretch 3×0:30

Hamstring Handstand Stretch, work to get your hips directly above your shoulders 3×0:30

Handstand Hamstrings

Static Shaping

Handstand Hold 3×0:20 with Perfect Form

Skills and Drills

Wall Walk, 3×10 with Perfect Form

Start in a perfect hollow body push-up position, walk your feet up the wall and immediately push out your shoulders to eliminate your shoulder angle.  We are focusing on finding open shoulders fast.  Complete the walk all the way into the wall and pause in the perfect handstand shape that we have been practicing.  Take these slow, it should be taxing on your shoulders.

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  1. Quick question – haven’t see this addressed, but I haven’t had a chance to go through every post… Is it recommended to perform these drills/stretches before or after the Outlaw programming? Thanks.

  2. Kaitlin – any particular tips on HS walking? I used to be mediocre at them, then had wrist surgery and they’ve gotten worse (if that was possible). Thanks!

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