It’s finally time to get upside down.


Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20


Static Shaping

Straight Body Back Hold on Boxes 3×0:30

Straight Body Front Hold on Boxes 3×0:30

photo 1-4 photo 2-4

Skills and Drills

Handstand Hold with Chin and Toes touching wall 6×0:20, rest as needed between holds

photo 1We will use 20 second holds for our “short sets” if you can’t hold 20 seconds perfectly without any form breaks, use a shorter time interval for now.

Read: The Outlaw Connectivity Doctrine, The Perfect Handstand

1. Arms should be shoulder width apart. There should be an exact straight line from the wrists to the shoulders, to the lower body. Ears should not be visible. This position allows the athlete to achieve full shoulder extension.

2. Throughout the duration of the handstand, the athlete should work to push the floor away as much as possible, essentially making the body as long as possible. Attempts to make the body long will naturally move the body into a straight line. There should be no space between the neck, ears, and arms.

3. The head should be held neutral, in a manner that from the side the head appears to be in line with the arms, and the chin is not buried in the chest. The athlete then uses their eyes to look at their fingertips.

4. There should be no shoulder angle, when viewed from the side there should be a straight line from the wrists, to the shoulders, to the hips, and finally to the ankles. Focus on the cue, “open shoulders.”

5. Ribs should be rounded inward and not visible from the side. The musculature of the thoracic and lumbar spine works to maintain a flat back with no visible arch.

6. Hips should be pressed flat so that no hip angle exists. The gluteal muscles should be contracted as much as possible to maintain a straight hip line.

7. Legs should be straight and pressed together with pointed ankles.

8. Fingers are rounded upward with fingertips pressing directly into the floor. Body weight remains over the palms of the hands and fingertips are used to aid in balance.

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  1. Is there a sub for someone who may not be able to get there chin to the wall?

  2. I was able to HS walk 50 feet unbroken 3 times in TOW conditioning today which was a huge personal win! If my uncoordinated 240lb ass can do it, anyone can! Previous to Outlaw Connectivity my best was about 25 feet (once!). Thanks so much.

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