8 thoughts on “140510

  1. went mock meet style
    1) 107 make 110 make 115 make (PR tie from floor)
    2) 130 make 134 make 138 miss
    249 total, looking good for june 1 meet, but much work to be done still

  2. 1) Snatch 65kg
    2) Clean 82,5kg (85kg Clean, jerk miss)
    3) 3RM Frontsquat: 90kg

  3. WL
    1. 105 kg
    2. 140 kg
    These seem to be numbers i can hit on any given day
    1.) 140
    Deload week thank god

  4. Weightlifting

    1) 135 lbs. I will take moral victory in that had good snap and crisp lift. Improving.

    2) 205 lbs. Feeling some fatigue.

    Strength. 280 lbs. New 3RM. Had a feather landed on bar I would’ve crumbled. But a month ago I couldn’t come close to this.

    Glad for a deload week.
    This is a war and I have one talent: enduring pain.

  5. Just an observation. Since starting program have nice physique changes, mostly shoulders and and butt , plus flatter stomach. Not bad considering I’m forty three yrs old and work a physical labor job.

  6. (lbs)
    1) 120 (+10)
    2) Last week I couldn’t get my previous 1rm. This week I was able to clean it but couldn’t complete the jerk.
    3) Didn’t get to do the squats

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