1) 15 minutes to Work up to a 80% Snatch (establish a 1RM if feeling good)

2) 15 minutes to Work up to a 80% Clean (establish a 1RM if feeling good)

3) Bench Press: 1X5@75%, 1X3@85%, 1xMax Effort@95%, rest as needed

4) Establish a 2RM Jerk from the blocks


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 HSPU (regionals standards – kipping allowed)
12 Hang Snatch (full squat) 115/75#



Do Work…


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  1. Just want to confirm that this is a 2rm jerk and not suppose to be a 1rm? Not that my quads will allow anything maximal tomorrow after the raping they took today…

  2. Power
    1) 105
    2) 140
    3) 130, 150, 165-5
    4) 155 (Took two attempts, to get this. Had planned on going for 170 today, but nearly dropped the second rep on the first attempt at 155.)

    23:27 75# HSPU were time sink.

  3. Power
    1.) 175#, 80%
    2.) 245#, 80%
    3.) 5 reps at 240#
    4.) DND, time

    2 rounds, time


  4. Felt completely wrecked today.

    1.)175, 190, 205~81%
    2.)185, 205, 220, 235~84%
    3.)165×5, 190×3, 210×5
    4.)185, 215, 245, 270x1f

    13:03 Rx

  5. Connectivity: flexibility

    Snatch: 80% @175
    Clean: 80% @235
    Bench Press: 185,215, 6@235
    2rm jerk: 225, missed 265

    Cond: 20:12

    Hardest part today and for the last couple months was the run. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. My lower back starting on the left side then shooting across is locking up. I feel like it starts in my quads/hamstrings getting tight on the runs then I’m ruined in my lower back. It’s literally crippling me. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve been seeing a chiro, trying to mobilize my hips more. Next up is more work on the ghd with back extensions I guess.

    • Round 1: UB hspu, 3s on snatches

      Round 2: 11-10 hspu, 6-3-3 snatches

      Round 3: 13-5-3 hspu, UB snatches

      All felt easy other than my back being straight locked up on the runs. Just kind of an idea of how shirty the runs were for me today.

    • Travis I am form Decathlete for a DII school.
      When your running sounds like your hips are sinking and putting your lower back in a curved position. You need to press your hips up into a tall position and make sure that your foot strike is directly below your hip. If you are making contact with the heel first make sure your toe is in dorsiflexion. Your chest should also be in a tall position. Being in a tall position relieves lower back and hamstring strain and transfers the weight of your body to “more” centered position which is optimal for “sprint” running. Watch a few videos of world class 400 meter runners, they have the best sprint mechanics over time.

    • Probably your psoas needs work. Mobilize the shit out of your anterior hip capsule as well, couch stretch with a band. and yes, continue with whatever you want to do on your hamstrings and glutes but make absolutely sure to address the front side of your hips and legs first

  6. 1) 205
    2) 275 felt good
    3) 150-170-190×7
    4) 250 split

    Cond 2 rounds 15:00 and I called it. Shoulders were deadskies and I was failing 115 all over the place. Another day…

  7. M/28/#155/NorCal
    1. 165 90%frustrated, anything after 90% lose positions and miss a lot of attempts.
    2. 210 90%
    3. 160(5), 180(3), 200(6)
    4. Will do tomorrow

    21:02 Rx

  8. Snatch up to 225# about 92%

    Clean up to 275# about 92%

    Bench 265×6

    Jerk 2RM 305# (power)


  9. M/35/155/5’9″
    Flexibility&Skills and Drills
    * ran out of time to finish rest of workout.had to get back to work

  10. 1) 15 minutes to Work up to a 80% Snatch (establish a 1RM if feeling good) 60kg, felt shit.
    2) 15 minutes to Work up to a 80% Clean (establish a 1RM if feeling good)
    85kg 1rm is 90kg but couldn’t stand up with it today (caught it in the squat twice)
    3) Bench Press: 5@65, 3@85%72.5, 9@80(me), rest as needed

    Had to ditch conditioning, going to catch up tomorrow

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