2013 Crossfit Games Masters 60+ Champion Sharon Lapkoff stopped by the gym today to get some gymnastics work in.  After going through some connectivity drills alongside a few Outlaw staff members then knocking out some handstand push-ups and pull-ups she casually PR’d her snatch by 15 pounds.  As it turns out, everything really is everything.

Sharon Lapkoff, Mid Atlantic, Masters Women 55-59



3×0:30 Seated Pike Stretch

3×0:30 Toe Touch

3×0:30 Handstand Hamstring Stretch


Static Shaping

3×0:30 Straight Body Back Hold on Boxes

3×0:30 Straight Body Front Hold on Boxes

Active Shaping

3×6 Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar, focus on maintaining pressure on the bar the entire time.


3×30′ Seal Walk

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  1. Tips on how to seal walk on rubber matting. All that seems to Happen is your feet have so much friction you can’t really slide, shoes will tear up as well. Go socks only and you’ll have no toes left.
    Ideas would be appreciated.

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