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  1. Snatch: 215
    Clean and Jerk: 275
    Front Squat: 1RM…340

    Conditioning: did 800m run, 30 false grip MU’s, 800m run…high heart rated skills session. Never did I think after all the lifting we did this week that I would be able to hit these numbers, essentially 90%, on Saturday, with as much ease as I did. The 340 FS is a PR. All in.

  2. Pretty pleased with this after a heavy first week of following the barbell program.
    1) Snatch: 62,5kg (93%)
    2) Clean&Jerk: (94%)
    3) 3RM FS: 90kg (97%)

  3. WL
    1.) 105 kg, failed 112 4 times. Allll mental
    2.) 150 kg, cleaned 155, failed the jerk due to chalk on the platform and my back foot started to slip
    1.) 157 kg (+2)

  4. Pretty satisfied with today’s results.

    Snatch: 195lbs (+10 PR) – Finally broke through the plateau.
    C&J: 275lbs – Got excited, loaded up 295 for a 10lb PR, wasn’t able to keep the bar close enough.
    3RM Front Squat: 355 +10 PR

  5. 1) Snatch: 135 lbs. Mobility above waist holds me back.
    2) C&J: 205 lbs. Weak for this forum but a or.
    3) FS 3RM :275lbs. 8 wks ago 275 was my back squat max.

    Satisfied with progress. I feel like I can’t eat enough calories, drink enough water or sleep enough on program! But I love it.

  6. (lbs)
    Snatch: 115 (+10)
    C&J: last 1rm is 175; couldn’t get it today (3 misses) C&J at 155 was fine.
    Front Squat: 205 (+10)

  7. Anyone on here dealing with patellar tendonitis? Been fighting through it for about 6 months but not getting any better. Was wondering if anyone else has and what they did.

    • Thankfully I haven’t, but have you tried voodoo band flossing? It works on the elbow, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work on the knee. Just something to try.

    • not at the moment. I have had golfer’s elbow in both elbows, adductor tendonitis in left leg, quad tendon tendonitis in left leg, and patellar tendonitis in both knees. go to a sports doc/orthopedic surgeon, tell them you will not stop squatting/lifting. ask for a 5 day dose pack & prescription anti-inflammatories-Celebrex, meloxicam, etc.. take them, ice your knee(s) daily. feel better in around a month.

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