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WOD 140503:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


21-15-9-6-3 of:

Strict HSPU
Front Squats 195/125#
Bar Facing Burpees

*20 minute cap.

13 thoughts on “140503

  1. Snatch: 215 (-15) Back tired, legs tired…everything tired

    Cond: 18:47 Rx

    I broke the reps right from the beginning into sets of 5-6 on both the HSPU and the front squats which I think kept me in front of the suck. I had to break the HSPU in to sets of 3 once I got to the round of 9. For me the front squats were the hardest part. I was able to keep plugging with sets of 3 on the HSPU but my legs were just gassed from this weeks training. I hit sets of 4-6 on all of the front squat rounds but had to take longer breaks than I would like to recover. Overall, very tough workout but manageable if you have a plan to not completely fatigue yourself on the HSPU.

    • By the way, this is most beat up I have felt in a very long time. Much needed rest day tomorrow.

  2. 1) 185 (+10)
    2) 245 – matches pr. Had 255 on the shoulders but couldn’t get my hands right and eventually dropped it.

    Conditioning: made it through 6 hspu. Agree, front squats were the worst. I should have broken the hspu into smaller chunks and should have pushed the burpees harder but oh well.

    Good week but I’m spent.

  3. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Sn: 180#; -10# PR; back felt tight/tired.
    C&J: 240#; +5# PR; Should have had this last week, but I failed the jerk

    Conditioning: No way was I voluntarily doing that many FS during a squat cycle nor strict HSPUs after we just did them on Wednesday. Did class WoD, and enjoyed the mental break lol.

  4. Snatched 165 -20 couldn’t find a solid bottom pos
    Clean only 245 -10 Had 255 on shoulder but elbows drop and dump it x3

  5. Local competition today that included a cj 1rm
    Cj 295, 10#pr
    Finished 4th out of twenty-something

  6. Very fatigued
    1)245-missed 255
    2) 295

    Cond: finished round of 6’s…. hSPU were awful… 3 sets for the 21 FS and 15, all other FS UB… Steady pace on the burpees

  7. BBG
    1) 97,5 kg (-8,5 kg) smashed my weener with 100 kg…
    2) 120 kg (-5 kg)

    Cond: rx’d
    finished last 3 Strict HSPU in TimeCap
    completed the metcon in ~20:40

    Friday’s Cond:
    finished 45 DL on the way back in timecap
    far too beat up to remember any split time…
    just one thing: did metcon in weightlifting shoes and BJOvers and DL sucked

  8. Better late than never…


    1) 185 (-10) 200# fail
    2) 245 (PR tie) 255 got under but it collapsed me

    did 21-15-9 of strict HSPU and Box jumps bc F 195# front squats
    6:17 Stricties are getting better

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