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1. I don’t have jerk blocks, how should I complete the prescribed reps?
Build, or buy, jerk blocks (did you really expect a different answer?). If you have a squat rack, you can do squats, presses, etc. If you have jerk blocks, you can do everything you can do on a squat rack AND do jerks (and pulls). If you have 2 sets of jerk blocks, or build enough pieces, you will also have a perfect setup for Jerk Recoveries (hint, hint).

For weightlifters, jerk blocks are mission critical. Either buy a set or make them. But the other, much less desirable answer if you absolutely do not have them right this second, is what I posted in the comments a couple of days ago: do a jerk, bring it down quickly and rack it. Wait five seconds, un-rack, jerk, repeat.

2. How do I do a snatch off the blocks from the power position?

Watch this:


1) Snatch from blocks (power position): work to a 3rm (drop each rep and reset quickly) – 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%

2) Snatch: 5×3@90% of 3rm from Tuesday (non-T&G, reset quickly after drop)


1) 3-Stop Snatch Pull (2 count pause at each position): 5×3@90% of 3rm from Tuesday

2) 5 SN Grip Behind-the-Neck Push Press + 3 Overhead Squats: work to a 1rm for Complex – 1×5+3@95%, 1×5+3@90%.

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  1. Question not related to the workout.

    If life gets in the way and I have to go visit my parents for a couple of weeks and have no access to bumper plates, would you suggest to restart the entire training cycle or pick up where I left off?

  2. WL
    1.) 75 kg. didn’t get into the groove with the new technique until back off sets.
    2.) 90 kg 1 fail
    1.) 119
    2.) 95 kg, only push press. left wrist was screaming at me on the OH squats. Time for wrist wraps..

  3. WL
    1) 3x65kg (1×67,5kg)
    2.) Did not do last tuesday so I did: 45-50-55-60-62,6kg
    1.) 85kg
    2.) 62,5kg + Dropsets.

  4. No Blocks, Power Position though: 225
    Snatches from ground: 200…felt amazing
    Pulls: 250
    PP + OHS: 215

    drops done

  5. WL:
    1)155 +5 from last week. I can feel myself drop faster under the bar with this new technique.
    2)135 – My first rep of every set is decent, unlike what it was a week ago
    2)185 +20 from last week. Was a struggle though.

  6. (lbs)
    1) 90 (+5)
    2) 90

    1) 105#
    2) 120 (+5)
    Everything was a struggle today.

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