If you were wondering my feelings on the Regional workouts, this pretty much sums it up…

You guys will notice I’ve programmed Event 6 from Regionals as today’s conditioning. I did this to get feedback from all of you. Please, even if you have never posted, post your time and thoughts on this one to comments. If you can think about it, try to note your time through each section and let me know where the worst parts are. Also, please try to stick as close as you can to the standards laid out here: Regional Event #6.

WOD 140502:


DEMO VIDEO: Snatch From Blocks at Power Position

1) Snatch from blocks (power position): work to a 3rm (drop each rep and reset quickly) – 1×3@95%, 1×3@90% – rest as needed

2) 5 SN Grip Behind-the-Neck Push Press + 3 Overhead Squats: work to a 1rm for Complex – 1×5+3@95%, 1×5+3@90% – rest as needed


1) Back Squat: 1X8@65%, 1X8@70%, 1X8@75%, 1X8@80% – rest as needed.

2) Front Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@65%, 2X5@70% – rest as needed.


For time:

50 Calorie Row
50 Box Jump Overs 24/18″
50 Deadlifts 180/120#
50 Wall Balls 20/14#
50 Ring Dips
50 Wall Balls 20/14#
50 Deadlifts 180/120#
50 Box Jump Overs 24/18″
50 Calorie Row

*21 minute time cap.

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  1. Thanks for that video, I’ve been doing these with my hips already in contact with tne bar as my start position

  2. Hey Rudy – Regarding being guinea pigs for WoD 6, I just want to be sure that you want us to use the 21 minute time cap as a hard cap…as in, try to finish the whole f’ing WoD in that time cap, and if we don’t, explain where we were and why. Correct?

    I just want to save people the time of just plugging along with this and timing things out and finishing in 27 minutes, which doesn’t really help you or give you any better insight into how this WoD is going to work, and then posting that they were at rep 21 of the box overs at the 21 minute mark.

  3. I tried to squeeze this workout in today between work at the gym. I got through 19 minutes of it before I had to stop. I just made it back to the box jump overs again when I stopped. The toughest part for me was the deadlifts on the second round. I thought I could bust through those faster but was pretty spent by then. Even broke some sets into 5.

  4. I’ve got a serious issue with heavy snatches getting away from me. I’ll jump about 6″ forward and still miss them forward so I’m probably not going to do the block snatches as demo’d – unless I’m missing something. Contact and bringing my hips to the bar is NOT my problem. I really don’t want to further ingrain this motor pattern, and continue to miss this damn elusive 200…

    • @Junkin – Can you tape yourself, upload it to YouTube, and then post the link here? Some of us could hopefully give you some cues, critiques, or comments that may help you more than just giving up. Additionally, “hips to the bar” does not mean dry-humping the sh!t out of it…your hips and the bar should meet (meaning hips go to bar BUT bar comes back to the hips as well) and then go vertical, not horizontal. Post the vid, and you’ll get some feedback. Maybe even the bearded lady (per Nathan T.) would respond?!

      • I’ll post a vid… I’m not over doing it, I used to bruise myself but have long since remedied that. IMO my issue is I have a decent second pull so I slack on my third pull – toss and catch vs. pull and punch. I tended to have a lot of the issues Spencer had – only with much less weight, of course.

        • Have you tried snatching with something in front of your feet? It will force you to learn how to pull and catch without jumping forward. We had a guy who was huge forward jumper at camp a couple weeks ago. Rudy put two 45lb bumpers right in front of his feet to make it impossible to jump forward and made him snatch with those while we were working up in weight. I have done the same thing before and it helped me immensely.

        • @Junkin – Definitely post the video. Similar to what Jordan mentioned above, I used to jump forward. I didn’t put weights in front of my toes, but I snatched off of a board. Hang the toes slightly off of it, and your body will subconsciously not jump forward.

          Here’s a link from Cal Strength with them using it:

          • All of this sounds great. Will-do some of this prior to snatching tonight.

  5. I guess I am the first guinea pig. This workout was a whole bucket of yuck for me. I am not a great rower, high rep deadlifts destroy me (14.3 was my worst workout) and wallballs suck my wind as much as anything.

    I had somewhere between 40-45 reps of the 2nd round of deads done when the buzzer went off at 21 minutes. I was hoping to get deep into the 2nd round of box jumps so I didnt get to where I thought I would. Things were pretty easy until I hit about 30 reps on the first round of deadlifts and into the wallballs. The problem for me was more lungs throughout the wallballs than muscle fatigue. I had to take longer breaks than I wanted to on both the deadlifts and the wallballs because I was just having a tough time getting my breath. For me, this workout was torture. I’m sure Rich will do it in like 16 minutes and make me feel like a gigantic pussy.

    • @Jordan – For the record, I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I don’t know anyone that has completed this yet in the time cap…Rich will finish, maybe a few others, but for most people, and us regular folk who are not prepping for Regionals, this is just a 21 minute AMRAP lol

      • Ha ya I am not terribly dissapointed. I knew before I started there was no way I would be getting back to the rower, I just figured I would get back into the box jumps. Workout is definitely brutal.

    • from my knowledge, spencer hendel did this around 28 minutes. also know that spealer did not complete in the time cap.

  6. No boxes. Started from the ground…2sec pause @power then snatch

    BBG: 1) 155
    2) 165
    Strength: 1) off 285 – 5 reps @80%
    2) off 235

  7. First, part of the Team Regional WOD – HSPUs, HPC, and Burpees.

    Then Hatch Squats.

    Then for some reason, decided to try Event 6.

    From a clock counting down:
    – off the rower at 18:17 (about 20 cals a minute)
    – finished box jumps at 14:55 (I probably did more than 50, lost count twice)
    – finished DLs at 11:48 (sets of 10)
    – finished WB at 8:19
    – then hell set in – finished rings dips at 3:02 (ended up doing singles earlier than I expected to meet the new standard)
    – finished 42 WBs at time

    This sucked.

  8. BBG:
    1) 105
    2) 125
    1) 175#, 195#, 205#, 215#, 225#
    2) 175#, 190#, 205#x2
    I was not able to log each time, but I did the following in the 21 min time cap
    1 Rd (all the way through the ring dips)
    50 Wall Balls
    50 Deadlifts
    35 Box Jump Overs

  9. 1) 185
    2) 205


    Cond: Ascending clock
    -Row: 2:45
    -BJ overs: 5:50(I believe)
    -DL: finished somewhere around 9:00 mark (not the best deadlifter either, my worst workout as well) started feeling it in the hami’s around 30
    -WB: 20- then sets of 10 (lost track on time here)
    -Ring Dips: Cryptonite: 10- sets of 5’s then 3’s and 4’s to get me through it. Definitely the worst part for me.
    -WB: Got here around the 15:00 minute mark and did sets of 10 and 15 all the way through
    -Deadlift: 18:00 mark and completed 25

  10. BBG
    1) 115
    2) 165

    1) off 400
    2) off 300

    Ascending clock
    Wall balls complete at 20:58

    Pretty much as I expected. I stuck to my game plan. Emphasis on the upper body for the row. Constant pace for box jump overs. 20-10-10-10 deads. These were slower than I thought they’d be. 10s for wall balls which were horrible. Lots of 5s for ring dips and tons of rest. Back to 10s for wall balls, easier than the first time thanks to the rest on ring dips.

    Disclosure: I’m only 2 months into tow. Everything is markedly stronger but I struggle mightily with the gymnastics and Olympic lifts. Doing connectivity and extra mobility at night to catch up with the rest of you beasts.

  11. Time on the conditioning: 34:51. I was right around the end of the second set of WB at 21 min. I chose to keep going, sue me. Finished the first row right at three minutes. The box jump overs turn into shit if you let them. They are not hard, it’s just easy to get lazy over the course of 50 reps. The first 20 didn’t take me long at all. I was jumping up, turning 180 degrees as I fell of the box and then jumping right back up to the box. As I got tired though, it turned in to, jumping up, falling straight off the box, stepping away a couple steps and then having to step back those two steps to get back to the box. That’s the “lazy way”. It took me close to 4 minutes to finish the 50 reps. For the first set of DL, I did 3 sets of 10, then four quick sets of 5, with 3-4 breaths in between each rep. I think I got through them in sub 3 min. First set of WB were pretty quick. Two sets of 15 followed by two sets of 10. Though I was hunched over bit after them. Probably should’ve broken them up a bit more. They took me, again, around 3 min. The ring dips (one of my weaknesses), I did in 10 sets of 5. I can do 15-20 UB when fresh, but ring dips (for me) just go away once I’m tired and I have to do sets of 3-4. To prevent that, I purposely did sets of 5. These took me 4+ minutes. Second set of WB took me closer to 4 minutes. Legs were still pretty good through most of them but my arms and shoulders were smoked from the damn ring dips. The second set of DL was just a ball of f**k. One set of 10 and then sets of five. Took me 5+ minutes and what I would consider the hardest part of the WOD for me. I was surprised at how much heavier the bar felt. Second set of BJ overs, also, ball of f**k. Did the “lazy way” for most of them. I wasn’t gassed, I was just damn tired. The second row was two minutes slower than the first one. My “give a sh** meter” was on E around this time and my legs were freakin smoked.

    Top three worst parts: Second DL, second WB and second row. It’s obviously a very leg intensive WOD so I think a consideration would be using the ring dips as a chance to chill a little, assuming you want to try to hit the second half as hard as the first. It’s 350 reps, not counting the rows. That’s sure to smack you in the face if you try to hit it too hard, too early. I know everybody knows that, I just wanted to try to sound smart. 🙂 Hope this was, in some way, helpful! Win everything Outlaws! Best of luck at Regionals!

  12. 1. 170-160-150
    2. 195# (+10 from last week, +30 since two weeks ago haha)
    3. 205-225-240-260
    4. 180-195-210-210
    5. 338 total reps…

    5’9 165# with short limbs, sucky at Deadlifts, wall balls, and rowing.
    Got off rower at 2:30
    Done box jumps at 5:10
    Done deads at 8:20
    Done wall balls at 10:40ish
    Done dips around 15:00
    Done wall balls at 18:08
    38 deads at 21:00

    This one sucked. Wasn’t muscle failur til dips. Just couldn’t freakin breathe

  13. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Sn: 165#; +30# PR, seriously, from 6 months ago; drop sets done
    Complex: 165#; +5# PR

    BS: done off of 355#
    FS: done off of 275#

    Conditioning: through 38 WBs


    First, this one is a mental mindfack. Going in, you know you aren’t going to finish it. Therefore, at least for me, it’s hard “getting up” for something you know you’re just slogging through in 21 minutes. So no, I didn’t go as hard as I could have had I actually thought finishing was a possibility. Huge WoD for mental toughness. Have to have the head on straight for this one.

    Secondly, I broke all the 50’s up into 3:00 increments. This way, I’m not thinking about the next 50 whatevers, I’m just focusing on the next 3:00. I didn’t have a set rep scheme, but it seemed to fall into sets of 15 for everything except the DL and Dips.

    Finally, this comes down to not being lazy. It’s 50 reps. It’s easy to check out and get sloppy. Over the whole WoD, small increments mean the world. You have to have a strict gameplan and stick to it. I used a work:rest, so something similar would be great.

    I’m a shitty DL’er. It was my worst WoD. I also get burned out easily on dips. I broke those into 10 sets of 5, and my chest felt extremely tight. IMO, those dips will separate most of the people at Regionals. If you got them, get through them quickly. If you don’t, stay diligent and keep strict work:rest ratios.

  14. BBG
    1:) 200# (+5 from last week), 190#/180#
    2:) 225# (+10 from last week), 210#/200#

    1:) done off 335#
    2:) done off 295#

    Finished 39 reps on second round of deadlifts. Forgot to pay attention to time but hit a wall after ring dips. Had to do reps of 5 on wall balls and deadlifts and just keep going. Was a brutal workout but fun!

  15. Conditioning: finished 30 of the final box jumps. Felt good on row & jumps. Deadlifts just got old, not terrible. Wall balls in 25s. The ring dips took me too long. 5s & 3s.. My kip was off until about rep 30. Overall the dips & second deadlifts slowed me the worst. The rest felt great. I love chippers

  16. M/30/175#

    1) 145, no drops
    2) 185 (PR tie) no drops
    Coaching in between snatches so this didn’t get my attention.

    Off 315 and 265

    17/50 WB second time thru…

    Went slow. Apparently being good at MU doesn’t mean good at ring dips. Felt like my chest was gonna explode. I also subbed AD cal since I have no rower.

    Cal 3:18
    BJ 6:00
    DL 9ish
    WB idk
    RD 19:xx – doing 2s for a long bit
    WB weren’t bad, DL felt bad initially then I moved into bigger sets. BJ were weird bc I don’t practice turning while doing them or doing lateral BJs…

  17. Broke out the HR monitor for this one:

    Row – 1:50 – HR when i got off the rower was 165 and dropped to 158 by the time I started my BJ
    BJ – Done at 4:05 – HR hit 170 for most of it. Still feeling good.
    DL 7:35 – HR at 170 for most. Broke this into 10’s. Took longer than expected.
    WB – Floored it here knowing the HR would drop on the dips. Sets of 25,10,15. Finished at 9:00 with the HR at 182
    Dips – The goat. Finished doing sets of 2 for the last 16. HR dropped to 158. Finished at 17:50
    WB – Picked it up again. Finished at 20:15 with the HR up to 185. Sets of 14,10,10, 16.
    DL – Finished 11 with HR at 185

    All in all it was a cardio battle with the exception of the dips. For the HR I was only in the 145-155 zone for 3:34 and averaged 168 with a peak of 186 #science

  18. I went in to do my workout this morning, and I felt inexplicably stiff and shitty so I did a bunch of mobility and left. Tonight, this happened:

    1) My snatch PR any way was 118 (full from the floor). My gym is moving, and we don’t have blocks so I did these from a hang power position. 113×3 went up great so I kept adding weight. Ended up with a 15# snatch PR (1×133), then drop sets at 108, 103.
    2) 113, 108, 103

    1) off 200
    2) off 175

    I’m so bad at ring dips they would’ve ended my workout. I wanted to share in the terrible-ness of this one so I cut out the ring dips and did one set of wall balls.
    Row: 3:21 at around 85% intensity
    BJ: 6:28, moved the box every ten, touch on the top smoked my quads so I went with straight over
    DL: 9:40, moved the bar every ten which made me tend toward resting too much
    Wall balls: 13:38, tens, hard to keep my breathing under control
    DL: 16:49
    BJ: 20:20 couldn’t breathe with the no touch jumps, went back to landing on top
    5 cal at 21 min

  19. 1) 155

    2) 175
    Got 28 deadlifts on the back end. Felt very slow through this.

  20. 29/180#/5’9″/M/Northcentral

    connectivity: Done (thanks for this outlaw!)
    1) 115lbs

    1)off of 295
    2) off of 255

    super tough at the ring dips, got 25 wall balls after….

  21. Connectivity Done: Felt more Irish than Romanian

    1) Snatch from blocks (power position): 185×3, 205(f). Drop sets 175/175
    2) 205

    1) Back Squat: 1X8@305, 1X8@325, 1X8@350, 1X8@375 – rest was ~3min each
    2) Front Squat: 1X5@245, 1X5@265, 2X5@285 – rest ~3 min

    Conditioning: Later

    • Conditioning: Halfway through 2nd deadlifts/approached this as a recovery wod (longer/slower) have been broken down a bit this week from comp last week and trying to get back to form. No doubt with increased pace and smart aggressiveness I can get back to the rower, but I doubt I could finish the 60 cal in the time cap. I never felt smashed and I was fine on everything.

  22. Friday night lights comp series
    1rm strict press 165# 10# pr
    15min to complete
    50 lat.burpees
    40 box jumps 30″
    30 snatches 115#
    20 t2b
    10 deadlift 275#
    8min. Amrap
    Buy in :
    35 ghd situps
    Then for reps
    3 rope climbs
    6 kbs 70#
    9 hbbs 115#
    55 reps finished 13th overall
    Wod 4 finals top 5 men and women
    4min. Cleans for max load.
    Saw lots of strategies on this one my money was on the dude who t&g 155#like greased lightning for 30sec at a time over the dude who cleaned 225# twice in 60 sec.

  23. 1- 165, 175×2. Drop sets done
    2- skipped for now to save time

    Hbbs done off 405
    FS done off 330

    Regional event 6:
    24 deadlifts in time cap. This workout is tough, and straight up unenjoyable to do alone…far from finishing, I think to complete this you’d have to be screaming through the first sets if dl and wall balls then be able to string dips together. The way back down (second wall balls and dl) is pure grit, it was hard to keep moving. props to anyone that makes it “back to the rower”.

    50 cal row – went smooth, about 2 minutes
    50 over bj – these started difficult due to elevated hr from row, but was able to steady pace and keep moving for all 50
    50 dl – set of 10, then 6s and 7s, tried to minimize rest and keep sets low to save the posterior, but my back inevitably blew up
    50 wall ball – done in 3 sets, not too bad the first time around, elevated hr more than anything.
    50 dips – a set of 5 then sets if 3-4, just awful. Tried to keep to regional standards made these even harder.
    50 wall ball – sets of 10, not much left in the tank these were tough
    Got to 24 dl, grip it and rip it

  24. M/20/195
    Feeling sick but wanted to get this in today
    Hatch based off 425 and 345
    Event 6
    Row 2:30
    Box Jump Over 2:59
    Deadlift 3:23
    Wall Ball 3:10
    Ring Dip 3:54
    Wall Ball 3:11
    Deadlift 32 reps before cap

    The box jumps and deadlifts are simple enough. Do 10 reps, move the object, repeat. In my opinion the most important part of the event is the 50 wb 50 dip 50 wb portion because it’s the only part of the piece where how you break it up is up to you and can effect the next movement. Go too long on the first set of wall balls and you’ll burn out on the dips. Go unbroken too long at the beginning of dips and you’ll still burn out near the end etc. I did sets of 5 for the first wall balls sets of 3 for the dips and sets of ~10 on the last set of wall balls and there wasn’t much deviation in time between the two sets of wall balls. I haven’t done ring dips in forever, but a couple days practicing the standards would do wonders for that. Before the dips it’s about staying fresh, after the dips it’s really just how much pain can you put yourself through.

  25. Sorry for the late post, but wanted to give my feedback… Did this on a day when I was feeling pretty under the weather. Terrible effort but here’s what I learned anyways:

    238 reps at 21 Minutes (38 WB’s on 2nd round)
    Avg/Max HR: 161/172

    – Everything was fine until I hit the DL’s. Broke into 10’s, but did way too much bar-staring in between. HR lowered to around 150 during this, but it threw a major wrench in the workout.
    – Broke the 1st set of WB’s 20-10-10
    – Ring Dips fall apart quickly; I’d suggest picking sets of 10 (maybe less?) with quick breaks similar to the C2B’s in the 100’s last year
    – the 2nd set of Wall Balls are surprisingly hard, upper body fatigued from preceding Ring Dips to the point that arms felt numb and it was hard to even hit the target every time. HR peaked at this point. Best thing you can do here is rest short but often, and avoid NO REPS.

  26. BBG 1) Hang snatch from power position, 95#, F115# (2 reps)
    Str 1) 8X 240#, 8X280#
    Cond – 251 reps (1 WB on second set). Slow but consistent through the box overs, slower than I would have liked through the DL. Couldn’t do more than 20 UB of anything, including WB. These chippers are always a challenge for me.

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