I hope everyone has been practicing their handstand walks…


4×0:20 Box Shoulder Stretch

4×0:20 Thoracic Spine Barbell Stretch

Skills and Drills

I’m throwing a lot at you again today, but you get to rest tomorrow.

3×3 Chin-Up Levers to Horizontal with Perfect Form

Begin with a regular chin-up, squeeze your glutes as hard as possible, and raise your lower body to horizontal while descending from the chin-up.  Trust me, the first rep is the most difficult and then if you are tight enough you will get into a rhythm.  If you struggle with these, work on small swings back and forth in a chin-up position.

If possible, 3×3 Chin-Up Levers to Vertical with Perfect Form


Please post any questions or comments below.  I know that these drills are getting difficult and I want to make sure that we don’t leave anyone behind.  These skills will take time to develop and we will keep coming back to them.


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  1. Did anyone else have a hard time doing this with straight arms. I felt like my body position wasn’t too bad but I couldn’t get my arms straight.

  2. Flexibility

    Skills and Drills
    1st set done to Horizontal
    last 2 sets done to Vertical

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