“Each workout is like a brick in a building, and every time you go in there and do a half-ass workout, you’re not laying a brick down. Somebody else is.” – Dorian Yates



1) Clean with 3-sec Pause each rep (just above the knee): work to a 3rm (drop each rep and reset quickly) – 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%

2) Behind-the-Neck Jerk (off blocks): work to a 3rm (drop all reps) – 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%


1) Bent Over Rows: work to a 5rm – 1×5@95%, 1×5@90%

2) Push Press – 5×5@90% of Monday’s 5rm


1a) Back Squat – 5×5@90% of Monday’s 5rm
1b) Bench Press – 5×5@90% of Monday’s 5rm

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  1. I’ve been following the programming since outlaw barbell started up and love it so far. I’ve got a few questions, just want to make sure I’m doing it all as intended.

    1. I have clean blocks but my box does not jerk blocks. When you say 3 reps jerks drop each one what is my best option? Catch all 3, which I find limits my loads. Drop to the floor and reset doing 3 reps, which is slow. Or just hit perfect singles?

    2. I’m finding on my 3rm hang movements I’m limited more by grip than anything else. Should I use straps or better to keep going without them? Is there a place we should be using straps?

    Thank you

    • 1. In the same boat, and I’ve been doing them UB. Would be curious to see what Rudy/Jared’s opinion on this is.

      2. Straps for snatch? Definitely, yes. For cleans, too risky, IMO.

    • 1.) With behind the neck jerks. i do 1 rep, front rack it, put it back on the squat rack, and then set up for rep 2 and so on.
      I am not comfortable dropping considerable weight onto my back.
      2.) Any hang snatch triples i will use straps, cleans never.

    • 1. Do a jerk, bring it back down and re-rack it. Wait about 5 seconds, then do another jerk. And so on. And then, go to google and search “Jerk Block Plans”.

      2. Use straps for snatch and snatch pulls. On cleans, re-hookgrip before bringing back down to the hang position.

    • I have done ZERO ub reps since starting barbell. drop, reset, mimic what my platform start position will be every time. just making sure the reps are all done within 45 sec.-1 min. straps for all snatches not from the floor.

  2. Training in the morning (limited time), everything felt heavy today.
    1) 3RM HangClean 3count pause at knee: 70kg, the pause was nasty.
    2) 3RM PushJerk: 70kg

    3) 5×5 HBBS: 82,5kg
    4) 5×5 Benchpress: 55kg

  3. WL
    1) 275# — 260/250
    2) 265# (Re-rack was limiting factor; no drop sets)

    1) 185# (+20) — 175/165
    2) 150# (strict press)

    1a) 315#
    1b) 195#

  4. WL
    1.) 130 kg, failed last rep of back off sets… weird since i never fail cleans 123/117 kg
    2.) 145 kg (+5kg) no jerk blocks 138/130 kg
    1.) 85 kg 82/75 kg
    2.) 95
    This superset is getting so much easier
    1.) 153/153/155/155/155 kg (didn’t hit a 5 rm on monday so i went by feel)
    2.) 180 kg

  5. WL : 1 . 185 lbs. Grip was taxed. Down sets complete.
    2. Erecting Jerk blocks , until then taking it light. 155lbs. However, these feeling light like bar is floating to lockout.
    Acc. 1. 185lbs down sets check.
    2. 150 lbs off monday 5rm Hard.
    Strength 1. 295 lbs off monday 5rm. Feeling pretty strong on last set.
    2. Weak on bench, 160 lbs.
    Note: Been on Outlaw Barbell since new iteration rolled out. Have been embarrassed to post numbers since so weak. Making progress . Before TOW had trouble OHS an empty bar I was so tight. My clean was 135 lbs. Had an ugly low bar squat of 275. I feel so much more mobile now. Also, been doing Connectivity.

  6. Felt good today even if the weather here in NY is crap and makes you want to stay in bed.

    WL (in lbs):
    1) 225
    2) 275 – 40lb PR – Finally getting used to the movement and using blocks for jerks.
    1) 275 – 30lb PR – The meathead in me lives on
    2) 195
    1a) 347
    1b) 230

  7. WL
    1) 205
    2) 245
    1) 165
    2) 145
    1) 250
    2) Working through shoulder pain, 145 was difficult

  8. Cleans: 280…took about 5 attempts to get 3…i wanted it
    Jerk BTN: 280…elbows fried
    Push Press: 215
    Bent over rows: 220
    Bench: 200
    Back Squat: 325

  9. (lbs)
    1) 160 (+5)
    2) 165 (+10)

    1)105 (+10)
    2) 110

    1) 185
    2) didn’t get to complete

  10. Are we supposed to be doing traditional bent over rows or pendlay rows?

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