3×0:30 Pike Hamstring Stretch

3×0:30 Toe-Touch

3×0:30 Box Hamstring Stretch

Static Shaping

Back Hold on Boxes 3×0:30 On/0:30 Off

Skills and Drills

5x Straight Body Lever on Floor

In the first example, the head is against the rack and the arms are grabbing the bar approximately a foot from the ground to add leverage.  Begin with your body in a hollow shape with your shoulders on the ground and your toes pointed upward, slowly descend to the floor with your heels leading the way.  You should pass through the same straight body position that you practiced on the boxes.  Work towards a slow 10-second descent.

If you can manage the first method, try to make things harder by sliding your head away from the rig and holding onto the very bottom of the rig with straight arms.  This will force you to use more core stability.

If you struggle with this drill, don’t panic.  Working on holding your shape as long as you can until you break at the hips.  This will take time to develop.


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  1. This has been a welcome addition to my training, in the short time Connectivity has been up I can feel not only my gymnastic movements getting stronger but also my weightlifting and strength movements have taken on so much more stability throughout their movements.
    Thanks, keep up the good work

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