I headed home to Pennsylvania this weekend to cheer on my mom at her first Exercise Race of the 2014 summer season.  She won.  By a landslide.  Aside from her being awesome (and me being a little bit biased) the win came down to a set of unbroken Handstand Push-ups.  At 56, I made her one of the early guinea pigs for testing out how someone without a gymnastics background would adapt to the skills and drills that I’m putting all of you through now.  Apparently, it’s working pretty well.

 photo-4 copy 3

Side Note-  In my own objective opinion “Master of the Universe” is a way cooler title than “Fittest on Earth”

Second Side Note- Of course we celebrate with Jameson in the trophy.


Deep Couch Stretch Circuit 3×0:20 Each Pose.

Static Shaping

Back Hold on Boxes 3×0:30 On/0:30 Off

photo 1-4

This week we will begin to focus on the straight body-line.   Maintaining a perfectly straight line is more complicated than it sounds, so we’re going to work on it piece by piece.  Today, set up two boxes so that your heels rest on one box and your shoulder blades on the other.   With your arms behind your head and your legs completely straight push your hips upward to the ceiling.  As always, you should be squeezing every muscle you’ve got.


I also got to meet Outlaw Athlete Shawn Butler this weekend.  I had something special planned for today, but I guess that can wait for tomorrow.  He kept gushing over how much he loved arch rocks and seal walks.

For 4:00; 0:20 Arch Rocks, 0:10 Rest

3×30’ Seal Walk